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Guarding Texas; displeasure with Austin

Displeased with Austin

The disrespect that Gov. Greg Abbott has shown to our U.S. military is appalling. To send our Texas State Guard to “watch over” the planned military exercises in Texas is a ridiculous waste of their time and taxpayer money.

Has the governor watched too many conspiracy theory movies or read too many Facebook posts by the survivalist crazies who think the government is secretly trying to take over Texas?

These military men and women are in training exercises and will soon be laying down their lives in foreign countries to maintain our freedom in Texas and the U.S.

Shame on you, Gov. Abbott. If the State Guard needs to keep tabs on anyone, it is the paranoid fear-mongers who believe they will soon be under martial law. On the other hand, maybe they should be.

— Marilyn Wood, Grapevine

The Feds are coming, the Feds are coming! What is Gov. Abbott thinking?

Before his election, I predicted that he would be worse than Gov. Rick Perry. I fear that I was correct.

This military operation, called Jade Helm 15, will be an economic boost for our state. It is just plain silly to think that the Feds are coming for our guns.

— Al Vincent, Arlington

If the current session of the Legislature were a film, it would be One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Open carry? Nothing makes for a relaxing dinner out like people you don’t know sitting next to your table with a Glock strapped on and wearing a “Don’t Tread On Me” T-shirt. Pity the waiter who forgets the appetizer.

Concealed weapons on college campuses? “Great punch, dude! I’m baked. Have you seen my .45?”

Pre-K is socialism? Yes, provide pre-K and 4-year-olds will start a socialist revolution after they’ve had their snack and a nap.

Freedom and liberty? So people in a city voted that they don’t want fracking in their town. Now Texas is going to have a state law whereby only state agencies decide where to frack. Sounds like a frackin’ dictatorship to me.

Government-funded vouchers for private religious schools because public schools are “Godless”? Yes, my sweet wife, who sees teaching as a ministry and faithfully taught your kids with love and compassion, is a real heathen. Her Christian example would put most state legislators to shame.

Vote for nuts and this is the government you get.

— Fred Gregory, Arlington

The lieutenant governor’s advisory board, which suggested that public schools are a “Godless environment,” must not have visited a public school recently.

I would invite the board members to watch children at recess or step into a classroom. They would see children of all colors and socioeconomic levels playing together, learning together and helping each other without regard to their differences.

They would also see teachers and staff providing knowledge, love and concern for each child without regard to their differences.

How could these schools be Godless environments when God teaches us to love all of his children? As I have said, loving each other happens in public schools every day.

— Judith Tarvin, Fort Worth

What on earth are our political leaders in Austin thinking of, smoking, drinking, swallowing or snorting?

They want to dismantle our tax-paid, free public school system for everyone from pre-K to the 12th grade by taking the tax money from it in the form of vouchers and giving it to individuals who want to place their children in private schools.

I guess our leaders want our youth to grow up to be meatheads like them.

— Charles Arnold Lee Moore,


Thank you for your companion front-page stories on May 1: “Panel OKs plan to halt city bans on fracking” and “GOP pushes for ‘religious freedom’ bill.”

I am now doubly sure I made the right decision when I voted for Wendy Davis!

— David Fusco, Arlington

When Gov. Abbott signs the Denton fracking bill, House Bill 40, into law, the loyal opposition should hold a statewide celebration.

Signing of this bill represents the death knell of the Republican Party, which will be devastated in the November 2016 elections.

The Texas Oil & Gas Association can’t spend enough money to erase the memory of Republicans choosing property rights over human rights.

In an “open letter” to Abbott, former Republican state Rep. Todd Smith, who served 16 years in the Legislature and is a lawyer in Euless, has provided the question for the 2016 campaign: “Is there anybody who is going to stand up to this radical nonsense that is a cancer on our state and party?”

We the people, along with the Democratic Party, are standing up, and we’re up to the fight.

— Bruce W. Cavin, Fort Worth


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