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Tarrant water district

The Tarrant Regional Water District has successfully brought us through the worst drought in years and ensured water resources for decades to come.

Monty Bennett’s smokescreen is to divert us from his real issue: a 1,300-acre ranch that the engineers have determined is the most advantageous route to place a buried water pipeline. He would be compensated for the 11.5 acres or (.00884 percent) of his 1,300 acres needed for the buried pipeline.

He has taken his complaints to the courts and they have ruled against him seven times! He has also had about the same results from a candidate he supported two years ago.

You would think someone as accomplished as Bennett would not get embroiled in the beneficial use of .00884 percent of his 1,300 acres.

Vote for Marty Leonard and Jim Lane.

— Gary Woody, Fort Worth

“Water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink” — a line often quoted from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1798).

But that last part could be a warning: Today the supply of water is at a critically low point!

The election for members of the Tarrant Regional Water District board is on May 9.

In the last election for the water board, sadly, only about 25 percent of registered voters cast a ballot and that number would be far lower if eligible voters were included.

Water shortage is becoming a very dire issue and water is certainly necessary for our well-being.

Inform yourself on the issues and please make your voice heard on May 9. Vote for water! Your life may depend on it!

— Ruth Orren, Fort Worth

Weatherford bonds

How much has the Weatherford school district paid for the preparation of the past two bond elections? The board of trustees, Superintendent Jeffrey Hanks and the administration performed some costly activities.

They hired a new architect, conducted a districtwide facilities assessment, acquired a demographic report, paid for the architect to interview district leadership and campus staff, conducted a district visioning and facility options development program (whatever that might be), paid a consulting firm to direct a community telephone survey (bugging many of us in the middle of the evening) and hosted multiple meetings for the FACTS Committee to provide their suggestions as to how much taxpayer dollars they should ask from the public.

All of these cost a significant amount of money that could have gone toward maintenance and security.

The Weatherford district is spending our money to ask for more money!

Vote against the bonds!

— Ron Thibodeau, Weatherford

In 1999, the Weatherford school board passed a bond for $100 million. They promised voters that this bond would take care of our school district for at least 30 years.

Now, only 15 years later they said this is not enough. That bond should continue to cover the growth of the Weatherford district for the next 15 years.

According to the Parker County tax assessor’s office, the Weatherford school district has collected in property taxes for 2014 more than $48 million. This is $12 million more than was collected 10 years ago.

This is the reason that the district’s tax rate has decreased in past few years. What’s wrong with our school district in Weatherford? Why does it continue to receive and ask for more money?

Let us as a strong community hold back these leaders who think they know what’s best for us by voting against all unnecessary bonds!

— Jimmy Pounds, Weatherford

Aledo school board

If voters in the Aledo school district are seeking a school board candidate who will serve the district in an exceptional manner, may I sincerely recommend Cindi Neverdousky.

I have known Cindi for more than 20 years, and I know of no one who comes more qualified for this position. She has a tremendous amount of educational experience and a thorough understanding of what is required in providing a quality education in all areas.

She, being an innovator, is the most dedicated, tenacious and principled educator I have the privilege of knowing. In addition, no one understands the challengers that face our teachers, administrators and parents more than Cindi.

— Joe M. Clark, Benbrook


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