Letters to the Editor


Vote in Forest Hill

In the past four years the council of Forest Hill has worked for all the residents.

Taxes have been reduced, streets and bridges are being repaired, water lines and water meters are being upgraded. Police and Fire Department personnel are getting state certification. We have a civic center and memorial park after many years. New businesses and hotels have come to the city.

Forest Hill has an opportunity to continue to have honest, transparent government. Vote in the May 9 election to keep Gerald Joubert as mayor and to keep Ozell Birks and Malinda Miller on our council.

— Jo Pirtle, Forest Hill

Council asleep?

Is the Arlington City Council asleep at the wheel? Early voting started on April 27, but the council waited until April 14 to formally name polling locations.

Also, the council closed polls at the South Service Center on Green Oaks Boulevard, traditionally a county leader in turnout.

Facing opposition on May 9, three council members and the mayor say they “didn’t know” and that “it’s too late to change back.” It’s time for the council, and voters, to wake up and pay attention to this May 9 election.

— Paula Boehme, Arlington

Josh Hamilton’s return

I can’t believe the Texas Rangers are bringing back Josh Hamilton. I’ve watched this jinxed franchise since 1972 and I now firmly believe it is jinxed.

Hamilton will always relapse. He will kick sand in our face and disappoint people again. I appreciate the things he has accomplished in a Ranger uniform, but it sends the wrong message to fans and youth to bring him back here.

I really hope Hamilton can conquer his demons, but he should do that somewhere else.

I do admire Hamilton’s public profession of faith in Christ. But there is one major difference between Josh Hamilton and Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ never thinks he is Josh Hamilton!

— Richard Henderson, Aledo

There’s certainly no risk of Josh choking on feathers since he refuses to eat crow. There was not the slightest hint of contrition during his news conference, just the total arrogance of a spoiled prima donna.

He obviously believes that he was wanted back, when in truth the Los Angeles Angels are paying the Rangers to get him out of California.

His arrogance is exceeded only by that of a general manager who is quickly dismantling this team with one stupid move after another.

This never has been, nor will it ever be, a baseball town. But it was once a fun place to be a baseball fan. Jon Daniels took that away from us. A good GM can give that back to us.

— Bart Baker, Alvarado

I have mixed emotions about Josh Hamilton being back, but feel we need to give him the moral support he needs and did not get in California for his disease.

He apparently feels more at home here, and I hope his wife will reconsider staying with him as he battles his demons, which will never fully leave.

Friends, support and familiarity is what he needs most. I just hope he has a great recovery from his problem and in his baseball career. God bless and help you, Josh.

— Robert Mehalick Sr., Arlington


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