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Pathetic voters; martial law worries; keep red-light cameras

Voting place at Daggett Elementary in Fort Worth last November.
Voting place at Daggett Elementary in Fort Worth last November. Star-Telegram

Martial law worries

How much longer will we allow this administration to take away our freedoms and divide our people?

What happened in Ferguson, Mo., and now in Baltimore didn’t happen by chance.

President Obama, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder and people like Al Sharpton have been stoking this fire for years.

If Obama can get enough people rioting, he will then be able to declare martial law and remove our last vestiges of freedom.

Obama has dramatically increased entitlements to blacks, gays and Latinos, specifically to increase his control and to buy their allegiance. Wake up before it’s too late.

— Robert M. Moon, Fort Worth

Am I the only one who had to do a double-take after reading that Gov. Greg Abbott has alerted the Texas State Guard to keep an eye on U.S. forces during a training exercise?

The paranoia in Austin is unbelievable. Parts of the article I read talked about Nazi Germany, militarizing the streets and the police. Really?

Also there’s Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s advisory board reviling pre-K schooling as breeding godless children. He also blathers out the other side of his mouth that voters educating children in religious schools is a great idea, and they would get vouchers from the state to do so.

What if it’s a Muslim school?

I didn’t vote for this cavalcade of clowns, but I guess I better prepare for Red Dawn in Texas.

— Bob Dorcy, Fort Worth

Pathetic voters

How smart are we as voters? The moneyed interests in this state and country have an agenda to privatize roads, schools, the Postal Service, Social Security, Medicare and public lands.

Austin has reduced funding for infrastructure. Now we either pay roadway tolls or drive in congestion.

Funding for public schools has been reduced, thereby inducing parents to send their children to private schools. Now the Legislature wants to use public money for private schools.

This seems to be what the voters want because only well-connected politicians are being sent to Austin. The last election saw Texas having the worst turnout in the country at 28.5 percent.

There’s got to be a better way. We need progress, but where are the leaders with vision who can bring about a better way of life for all of us? Where are the voters?

We, as voters, are pathetic.

— Paul Roberts, Fort Worth


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