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Speer for school board

I’m a Fort Worth parent in District 6 and heavily favor Cecilia Speer for the school board.

The fact that someone with her experience and reputation wants to return and continue to make a difference in the district says a lot about her character.

She has worked for the students of Fort Worth for 39 years, starting as a teacher and making it all the way to chief of operations for the district. To have that kind of longevity you must to be able to work well with others.

She has the overwhelming support of retired teachers, administrators and co-workers who cannot say enough good things about Cecelia’s integrity and dedication to the children she served.

We’re lucky that Cecelia Speer is willing to go back into the trenches for our kids. She’s got my vote!

— Allison Langston, Fort Worth

Re-evaluate the Star-Telegram’s recommendation of Ann Sutherland for re-election to the Fort Worth school board.

There is a way to be productive and passionate in a job without being disrespectful and disruptive.

Cecelia Speer should be your recommendation because she has the utmost respect for people and this position. She knows how to be successful and can relate to the teachers, staff and parents on a different level than Sutherland.

Cecelia Speer is here to make a difference. Her character, compassion, honesty, knowledge and drive to succeed while upholding the standards of the position will be the successful combination to make the change that is needed in the Fort Worth district.

— Leslie Sproat, Dallas

As a retired third-generation educator in the Fort Worth school district, I’ve grown increasingly discouraged by the inability of the school board to work in the best interests of the students and families it serves.

The status quo can and should be challenged. However, the chaos that has ensued from the actions of the ill-informed District 6 trustee has been harmful. Claiming to be informed and transparent does not make one so.

For that reason, I support the candidacy of Cecilia Speer for District 6 trustee. She is a knowledgeable, experienced, committed educator and administrator of impeccable professional and personal character.

She not only understands the role and responsibilities of the board, but she can also bring sound, consistent judgment and civility to the challenges ahead. Time for change, not more drama.

— C.R. Hoffman, Fort Worth

As a taxpayer and public school supporter, I believe it’s time for a change on the Fort Worth school board in District 6. Cecelia Speer is the right choice.

Having worked with Cecelia for many years in the district, I saw her commitment to classroom excellence, student safety and being on time and on budget with her projects.

As a friend, I know Cecelia will work tirelessly to see that district teachers, administrators and students receive the full support they need to continue to provide quality education. She is compassionate and committed. We must focus on what is best for the district.

The time for change is now. We need a school board member focused on being a team player and concerned with the well-being and education of our students. Please vote for Cecelia Speer for school board member from District 6.

— Michael Horsley, Fort Worth

Keep red-light cameras

So a group of tea party folks here in Arlington don’t appreciate getting their picture taken and a $75 ticket in the mail for illegally running red lights?

Of course, the obvious solution would be to just stop when the traffic signal turns red. But I guess they don’t agree, so they gathered enough support with a petition to force a proposition in Arlington’s May 9 election that will, if passed, force the removal of these safety cameras.

Verifiable statistics show that, since the safety cameras were installed in Arlington, crashes have been reduced by 75 percent overall and the deadly side-impact crashes by 58 percent. So what is it these people don’t understand about the relationship of traffic fatalities and running red lights?

Is getting home in time to see a rerun of Hee Haw really that important?

Please vote no on Proposition 1.

— Ron Hiett, Arlington


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