Letters to the Editor

Praise for Rep. Barton; Seniors say taxes are too high; No-win for Abbott on MLK parade; Monument signs are bad idea; Libraries, not rec centers; Time to discredit?

Praise for Rep. Barton

I haven’t agreed with much that Rep. Joe Barton has ever said or done until now. When I read his comments regarding the Dreamers deserving to stay and eventually be allowed to apply for citizenship, I was downright proud of him.

Maybe it doesn’t take that much political guts for a retiring politician to call his own party on the carpet, but it was most welcome. I love that he told the crowd running for his seat that they needed to stop being snide and lumping Dreamers in with other categories of unauthorized immigrants. I found it especially satisfying when he warned the GOP that it was their own actions that lead immigrants who eventually become citizens to vote Democratic. You tell ’em, Joe!

Eugene Chandler,


Seniors say taxes are too high

I am very upset what they are doing to seniors (“Property taxes are just too high,” Letters, Wednesday.)

They are pushing seniors out of their homes with these exorbitant taxes. I don’t mind paying my share for hospitals and roads, but these higher-than-high school taxes have to go — for seniors that is!

They need to exempt seniors from these ridiculous school taxes and do it fast!

Pat Adkins, Fort Worth

No-win for Abbott on MLK parade

Clearly Gov. Abbott was in a no-win situation with his invitation to the MLK Day parade.

Given that he accepted the invitation, he was condemned by liberal activists, saying he wasn’t welcome, as his stance, for example, on Voter ID, was against Dr. King’s principles.

Why would just believing in voter integrity and requiring everyone to prove that he is who he says he is to vote be against Dr. King’s (or any other reasonable person’s) principles?

But if Abbott had declined the invitation, there would be those who would have condemned him for that, saying he was acting as if he didn’t support their cause, or was being an “elitist,” “racist” and ignoring Dr. King’s legacy, etc.

It’s sad that political correctness nowadays often leaves a person with no good choices!

Mike Jones, Fort Worth

Monument signs are bad idea

Monument signs for Fort Worth are a really dumb idea. Residents are fuming over high property taxes, and now officials want to spend $2.5 million on signs? Let’s quit worrying about keeping up with Dallas and whatever — Fort Worth is too big already.

We should tax the new residents and homes and leave the born and raised residents’ taxes alone.

Dennis Young, Blue Mound

Libraries, not rec centers

The East Fort Worth Business Association gave nine elementary schools, which feed into Eastern Hills High School, money for books for the school libraries. (“Why are school librarians getting rid of books? Jan. 12.)

I think the mission of Read Fort Worth is to encourage reading. Turning school libraries into recreation centers does not further that mission.

Wanda Conlin, Fort Worth

Time to discredit?

It appears that Republican lawmakers are trying desperately to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller to avoid having to discredit the evidence he will present.

Greg S. Pate,

Fort Worth