Letters to the Editor

Did Jerry Jones pull a fast one?; Trump can’t intimidate players; Trump, alt-right want to destroy America; Athletes not credible to protest; Trump and Voltaire

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys take a knee before the game as the Dallas Cowboys play the Arizona Cardinals in University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, Monday.
Jerry Jones and the Cowboys take a knee before the game as the Dallas Cowboys play the Arizona Cardinals in University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, Monday. rmallison@star-telegram.com

Did Jerry Jones pull a fast one?

Jerry Jones, you tricked me.

I turned on the football game Monday night, and everyone was standing, so I decided to watch. It was only after that I discovered the whole team had taken a knee.

This whole thing is somewhat mystifying. If any players feel America is such a bad place to live, then why are they here? At an average salary of $2.44 million a year, they could afford to live anywhere in the world and retire.

Just so there would be no confusion about how to interact with local law enforcement, may I suggest Russia?

The people over there know exactly what to do when the police tell them to get down. They literally dive to the floor and surrender.

It would be nice for the NFL to have a wounded veteran to stand at attention during the anthem. Maybe he or she could shame everybody into respecting their country.

Art Bullard, Granbury

Trump can’t intimidate players

So proud of our Cowboys!

They’re not intimidated by this president, who seems to struggle with the idea that he is our employee.

These athletes are trying to initiate the conversation with America about the structural, systemic racism that kills hundreds every year ... year after year ... for hundreds of years. America has to awaken to this slow-motion genocide.

You may think, “What’s their problem? They’re rich?” But they have suffered, to one degree or another, the indignities endemic in our country.

Thanks, Trump. You made Colin’s dream come true. We’re now having the conversation.

Charles Stonick, Granbury

Trump, alt-right want to destroy America

Here is a man calling those who “disrespect” the American flag SOBs when he supports having statues of men who wanted to separate from America to embrace slavery, and who hold that flag above ours.

President Trump and the alt-right billionaires in his club want to destroy America for the common man — throw the old, poor and dysfunctional into the ocean, unless there is some way to make a profit from them.

We are a sick nation with a scary maniac in the White House.

Wake up, America ... Go vote!

Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth

Athletes not credible to protest

Professional athletes are the least credible group to protest anything.

They are in the entertainment industry. Their jobs aren’t essential at all.

Now if first responders and teachers were protesting, they would have credibility.

But they don’t have time to protest. They are in the real world of getting people out of burning buildings, teaching children to read and write and putting their lives on the line every day.

Pro athletes should get on their knees later and thank God they’re in a country of enough success and wealth that people will pay to see them play.

Phil Schenk, Denton

Trump and Voltaire

Donald Trump says an NFL player who kneels in support of Black Lives Matter is an S.O.B. who should be fired.

Biographer Evelyn Beatrice Hall described Volatire’s views as: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

That same spirit is what makes America great.

James D. Llewellyn,

Fort Worth