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Testing for graduation; mayor of Bedford; trains are rolling

Testing for graduation

The Star-Telegram Editorial Board certainly felt free to pass judgment on kids taking tests for high school graduation.

It would be amusing if it weren’t so pathetic that there are so many out there who buy into the testing nonsense.

Students should not have to take standardized tests to graduate and teachers and schools should not be graded on them either. Here’s why:

1. It is virtually impossible for test writers to take into consideration all of the variables dealing with the tests themselves, test takers, test takers’ home environments and the testing environment itself.

2. The tests are too long. Tests given to kids in elementary, middle and high school are longer than the SATs and AP exams. Stupid to think kids can stay on task that long without it affecting their ability to remain focused.

3. Reading passages are boring and kids with ADHD have difficulty focusing on boring passages and long tests.

4. Using tests to grade teachers is patently unfair because not all classrooms and teachers are equal.

Stop the testing madness. It’s all about the money.

— Dave Robinson, Fort Worth

Mayor of Bedford

Jim Griffin has led the way to improving the quality of life for every resident.

During his tenure, improvements have been made to infrastructure, parks, public safety and many other areas.

Sales tax collections are at a record high, in part because of his innovative approaches to attracting and retaining businesses.

Honesty and integrity along with decisive problem solving skills have made Griffin an excellent leader for the City Council. He manages the council meetings in an efficient and orderly manner, including welcoming input from all council members and citizens.

Griffin also solicits citizen input, making opportunities for them to communicate with him in person. Jim’s positive demeanor and outgoing personality are the “icing on the cake” making him one of Bedford’s best mayors.

Let’s re-elect Griffin.

— Debra McDaniels, Bedford

Trains are rolling

As a practicing attorney in Colleyville with emphasis in real estate transactions, I respectfully disagree with Councilman Chris Putnam concerning TEX Rail.

Colleyville does not own the railroad tracks. Therefore, Colleyville has no say as to how many or how few trains run through our city.

The train tracks have been operational since the 1880s. The right of way for the tracks is owned by Dallas Area Rapid Transit, not Colleyville.

Putnam fails to acknowledge that the homes and neighborhoods were developed around the train tracks. We purchased our home knowing full well that we were within walking distance of the tracks.

If Putnam believes he can stop the progress of the railways, he needs to explain to the residents of Colleyville exactly how he proposes to stop the owners of the train tracks from exercising their property right.

Telling people what they want to hear rather than the truth is wrong.

— Patricia D. Henderson, Colleyville


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