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Southlake mayor; no laughing matter

Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish
Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish Star-Telegram

Southlake mayor

I support Carolyn Morris for mayor of Southlake.

Southlake is unique. It feels different from any other city in the Metroplex. Great schools. Beautiful green spaces. Outdoor shopping and dining. Well-planned neighborhoods.

Its charm and prosperity draw business investment and new residents.

Through her service on City Council, Carolyn has worked to balance the needs of all residents — young parents, retirees, children.

She also works together with businesses, which provide the vibrant services and growth that keep Southlake prosperous.

Carolyn knows that keeping Southlake exceptional is about moving forward and continuing to grow.

She also understands that only thoughtful development will preserve the lifestyle we all enjoy without creating excess traffic, shrinking green space or reduced safety in the future.

Carolyn is the right mayoral candidate for today and the long-term.

She is the only candidate who will ensure that Southlake continues to grow but also remain charming and unique.

— Simon Rurka,


No laughing matter

In Randy Galloway’s most recent piece, he offered up some thoughts on Yu Darvish, doubling down on the notion that he “quit” on the Rangers in 2014, while also insinuating that the front office knew the injury would end up being this bad.

Despite doubling down on a ridiculous premise, it wasn’t even the most absurd thing in the piece.

No, that was reserved for his thoughts on Josh Hamilton, when he suggested that “all you had to do was watch a dazed and confused Josh over the last two seasons with the Angels and realize the cocaine train would be rolling back down the track at some point.”

Drug addiction is no laughing matter.

It isn’t meant to be used as a punchline to provide a hot take or prove that one “wins.”

No one wins with drug addiction.

— Brandon Land, San Angelo


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