Letters to the Editor

U.S. leader; internet privacy; Arlington Prop 1; school start time

U.S. leader

Similar to the Zen Buddhism saying, when America was ready, a leader was at hand.

It may well be that he was born for such a time as this.

Thanks to that, America is indeed returning to be the America it always had the potential of being.

Again leaders of the world, friend or foe, are reminded of what America stands for, what it believes in, will fight for and will uphold for all of its citizens.

Once again, Lady Liberty can be proud to shine the beacon of truth and freedom for all on Earth to see and take notice.

Once again, America unashamedly holds high her principles of truth, justice, mercy, freedom, independence and the basket of precious rights and privileges of our country.

Robert R. Kurz Sr.,

Fort Worth

Internet privacy

I’m so tired of hysterics coming out of Washington, DC.

The latest focuses on internet privacy, and it’s another example of manufactured panic that’s off base.

The headlines and reporting on the status of consumer privacy protections are just flat out wrong. Congress did not recently gut consumer privacy protections.

No one is suddenly allowed to sell your medical records. Our data are protected on the internet by the Federal Trade Commission, the same today as before Congress passed and the president signed a resolution about internet privacy.

What that resolution did was to roll back redundant and confusing rules from the Federal Communications Commission that hadn’t even taken effect yet.

Every entity that has access to consumers’ information online should be held to the same high standards to protect privacy, and Congress was right to take a step in that direction.

Mona Bailey,

North Richland Hills

Arlington Prop 1

A vote for Proposition 1 on Arlington’s May 6 ballot will ensure the construction of a world-class facility for active older adults in our city.

I am an active older adult, and in my opinion this proposed facility will enhance the health and wellbeing of many. An “age-specific” facility ensures programs and amenities that appeal to those 55-plus.

Vote “yes” for Prop 1 on May 6.

Peggy Masters,


School start time

Thanks to the Student Health Advisory Council of the Texas Department of State Health Services for its recent recommendations that all Texas middle and high schools begin the day after 8:30 AM.

The recommendation reinforces the policy statements of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association and numerous other health and education organizations.

Although school districts like Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth already provide healthy school hours for teens, many districts in the state mandate sleep deprivation by forcing students to wake as early as the 5 o’clock hour to catch school buses.

Ultimately, state legislative parameters may be needed to ensure school districts protect the health of all adolescents.

Debbie Moore, Arlington