Letters to the Editor

Vouchers unfair; Trump questions; NISD election; minimum insurance; handgun laws

Supporters rally for school choice vouchers Jan. 24 in Austin.
Supporters rally for school choice vouchers Jan. 24 in Austin. AP

Vouchers unfair

While the “haves” were in Austin calling for school vouchers, the “have-nots” were back home working, in fear of losing a day’s wages or getting dismissed from work if they did not show up.

The “haves” who could take a vacation day or a day off might very well send their kids to private schools.

In essence, what they are saying that our public school teachers are not good enough. What is to stop a public school teacher from moving to a private school? They are great, excellent and outstanding.

Private schools are not built in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. What will the “have-nots” do for transportation?

If the “haves” want their children to attend private schools, they should pay for that themselves. Do not rob the public school system, which is available for all students.

Joe Rodriguez, Arlington

Trump questions

Various questions have arisen from President Trump’s actions.

Why are we going to spend billions to build a wall on the border with Mexico when a greater number of immigrants are coming in from elsewhere via air?

What if the scientists are correct about climate change and we keep ignoring them?

Why is the president seemingly downplaying the investigation of his administration’s connection to Russia before the elections, but also trying to deflect it?

Are Ivanka and Jared, the president’s daughter and son-in-law, ensconced in the White House to act as a buffer for Trump? Is their being there and being privy to security information appropriate?

What is Trump hiding in his tax returns?

Why do lives, all lives, matter only as long as it doesn’t cost money? That seemed to be the thinking behind the rejected health bill.

New questions arise almost every day, and our anxiety and uncertainty about the future increase proportionally. We need answers.

Ailene Gibson, Fort Worth

NISD election

Northwest ISD is one of the largest, fastest-growing and most sought-after school districts. Voters are asked to approve a bond program so the district can stay ahead of growth and provide safe and excellent learning environments.

Individuals representing all areas of the district spent four months studying and debating the needs. The result was a unanimous recommendation for addressing the needs while being fiscally prudent.

The proposal would build four elementary schools and expand three elementary, two middle and two high schools. Class sizes will remain small.

School expansion reduces the need to build new schools and reduces costs of administrative and campus-level staffing.

The district growth rate is 1,200 new students each year. We must keep up. Vote Yes For Northwest.

Dave Edstrom,

Trophy Club

Minimum insurance

If insurance companies do not have to cover the minimum essential coverages listed in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), they can sell a lot more overpriced and under-performing health insurance policies.

Policies that do not cover the ACA minimum essential coverages should be required to list on the front page what’s not covered and the percentage of people likely to suffer from those illnesses. That is the Republican solution.

The better solution is that such inadequate coverage not be allowed.

Richard Brewer,

Fort Worth

Handgun laws

Gary Hancock’s Friday letter noted that you can carry a fishing rod and a hunting rifle without a license. But you cannot use them for their stated purposes without a license.

Perhaps handgun laws should follow this theme by allowing the unlicensed open carry of a firearm, but you cannot use it without a license.

Marty Goldsmith,

Fort Worth