Letters to the Editor

Praising Price; Granger’s votes; carrying handguns

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price answers questions after her state of the city address at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Feb. 22.
Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price answers questions after her state of the city address at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Feb. 22. kbouaphanh@star-telegram.com

Praising Price

I was grieved with Lee Ann Bryce’s criticism of Mayor Betsy Price. (Sunday letter)

She cited the mayors of Dallas, Austin and Houston for their support of funding for Planned Parenthood.

Bryce urges mayors to support “healthcare access,” but is silent on Planned Parenthood’s guilt for murdering millions of babies.

She charges opponents with “denying preventive care to thousands of their constituents,” but this is not the point. Women do need healthcare.

Bryce goes on to encourage Price to “do the right thing” and “look out for the people she serves.” But she conspicuously refused to “do the right thing” and defend helpless babies.

I encourage Fort Worth residents to see through Bryce’s deceptive logic and her false accusations against our worthy mayor.

Richard Hollerman,

Fort Worth

Granger’s votes

In recent days, Congresswoman Kay Granger consistently voted to liquidate the rights and health of her constituents.

After she and her staff repeatedly declined to state her position on the American Health Care Act, she gave the failed tax cut for the wealthy a full-throated endorsement after the fact.

Nowhere did she address the tens of thousands in her district who would have lost health coverage.

When the next profiteer poisons our water, child incurs asthma or extreme weather event happens, the EPA will be unable to address the problem thanks in part to Granger’s vote for House Resolution 1430.

Most galling was Granger’s vote for Senate Joint Resolution 34 and its disrespect to our cherished right to privacy. Our online activity is now available to the highest bidder.

Our voice, conscience and inquiry may not be heard by Kay Granger in a town hall, but they are monetized, then counted and weighed against private interests she courts every weekend on her undisclosed schedule.

Emil Salazar,

Fort Worth

Carrying handguns

The Legislature is considering a bill allowing “constitutional carry” of handguns (no license requirements) in Texas, something that eight states already allow in some form.

Arguments against this bill cite hunting and fishing licenses and that the state “can reasonably restrict even constitutional rights” such as the free speech guarantee exceptions for slander and libel.

In the case of slander and libel, yes, those are forms of speech that are rightfully restricted because they are a type of fraud and fraud is not a constitutional right.

And, yes, hunting and fishing requires a license, but that is different from a license to carry a handgun.

The license is for the act of hunting and fishing, not for carrying the tools required.

That is, we don’t require a license to carry a fishing rod or a hunting rifle.

If we did follow that logic it actually supports, not argues against, the carrying of a handgun without a license.

Gary Hancock,