Letters to the Editor

Will email scandal torpedo Clinton’s presidential run, or is it no big deal?

Potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a private email account and server to conduct official government business while serving as secretary of state, a practice that may have allowed her to circumvent federal regulations regarding the preservation of emails. Is this a scandal that will irrevocably damage or destroy her candidacy? Or will she be able to overcome?

Which is scarier: That former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton used private email accounts to conduct official business, thus shielding her emails from potential scrutiny, or that a bunch of people think she should be our next president?

I can just imagine her response to questions about her highly questionable email practice: “What difference now does it make?”

— Bill Jesberg, Grapevine

The competition is so afraid that Mrs. Clinton may be their opposition in 2016, anything she does will be scrutinized.

The Republican’s were so concerned about the few lives lost in Benghazi, they milked the incident for years.

However, they did not seem to be as concerned about the thousands of lives lost in Iraq.

In America death of the competition is caused by continually slinging mud.

— Jim Sanderson, Fort Worth

As far as I’m concerned, Hillary Clinton will survive this email scandal.

In fact, she will thrive.

Clinton has the White House on a silver platter. There is not a single politician in either the Democrat or Republican parties who can beat her in 2016.

— Anthony Chilson Jr., Princeton

I certainly hope the email scandal dashes Hillary’s hope for the presidency.

We have had enough of the Clintons’ lies, deceit, obfuscation, etc.

She asked in a recent speech, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a woman president?”

I agree if it is Carly Fiorina.

— Clista Hancock, Arlington

Here’s hoping and praying that Hillary will gracefully bow out as a Democratic presidential candidate.

It would really be nice if she would step up and admit her guilt and ask for forgiveness.

— Lynn Miller, North Richland Hills

I think Hillary Clinton is an accomplished woman in her own right.

However, as president she would represent a continuation of all that is bad with our great country.

As a team in the White House, she and her husband would add to their liberal, progressive mark on America just when it must get rid of that stamp of disapproval by the masses.

Let’s get our country back by electing someone with values, integrity and common sense, both here and abroad.

— Bill Hodges, Colleyville

The revelation that Hillary used private email to conduct business on behalf of the citizens of the United States is not surprising at all.

It just fits how the Clinton’s have done business all along.

From “oh, there they are” documents during Whitewater to the made up fantasy of being under gun fire in an overseas visit, she spin the tale to fit the topic of the day.

What makes her qualified to run our nation?

Oh, unless the intent is to run it into the ground.

— Clint Miller, Grapevine

The only reason not to use government email but to have a private email account with a server in your home instead, as Hillary Clinton did when she was Secretary of State, was to keep control of her emails so the government wouldn’t have a record of what she did.

President Obama knew Hillary was using her private emails to communicate with him, and he did nothing about it.

— Hugh T. Lefler Jr., Fort Worth

The Clinton’s are like hot air balloons. They get all filled up and start to rise, then the hot air starts to leak and it comes crashing down!

— Cathy Pepper, Fort Worth

Sen. Clinton used her private email account to conduct official government business because following federal regulations were “inconvenient.”

Would a President Clinton refuse to follow presidential rules, constitutional laws, etc. because they were “inconvenient?”

She has destroyed her credibility and her own candidacy.

— Donna Fester, Fort Worth

I realize that juggling email accounts can be tricky. But if you work for Uncle Sam, you better have character. This only proves how Hillary Clinton has acted irresponsibly again.

I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. Where is the accountability? The guilt or shame? Not here!

— Robert Moore, Fort Worth

Hillary believes the rules don’t apply to her, you should just “trust” her.

If by some stretch of imagination she is nominated to run for President of the United States and actually wins that race, Hillary will be off and running with her own set of rules, not to be outdone by anyone.

— Sandy Allen, Haltom City

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