Letters to the Editor

Workplace equality; Texas Transportation Code; climate change chocolate

Workplace equality

It was encouraging to see the photos in the Star-Telegram’s “Work faces” on Sunday — six women and one man.

Happenstance? One-time occurrence? Spurred by some special event? Some special circumstance? Maybe.

Or some small but important indication of progress in the move toward workplace equality? We can hope.

From the work place to the voting place and so many places in between, has progress been made? Yes.

More to be done? Oh my goodness, yes.

Decade upon decade, generation upon generation, incalculable numbers have come upon some blocked bridge on the road to fairness, with many forced to idle in place. Or detour.

On the journey, some are assigned to a place in the back and, like a child, told to sit still, hush and be quiet.

The journey grows tedious and they grow weary and, understandably and plaintively, they ask:

“Are we there yet?”

— Roger Summers, Arlington

Texas Transportation Code

Fort Worth will top 800,000 in population as early as 2016.

The Texas Transpiration Code then changes the T to a sub-chapter O authority with a 15-member board, like DART; with five seats representing residents in member units of election outside the City of Fort Worth.

Rumors are Austin may raise the bar for chapter O status to cities with a population of 1 million.

Richland Hills’ residents contribute 59 percent more sales tax per person than Fort Worth’s residents and will not be duped twice, as we were in 2013.

Fort Worth’s leadership can stay parochial, watch The T lose Richland Hills and Blue Mound, and collapse into a city transportation agency.

Or come together with a bill changing Transportation Code Section 452.401, allowing the levy of sales tax in 1/8 of one percent increments, coupled with a new T Board policy setting a population-served-based equitable tax rate schedule allowed under 452.406.

Voters in non-member cities might then choose to reallocate their local 2 percent sales tax based on providing a level of service (MITS, bus, train and Airporter) and join at an appropriate rate with voting rights on the board

— Gerrit K. Spieker, Richland Hills

Climate change and chocolate

I am appalled at the statement that “global warming” is wreaking havoc on the rains in West Africa. (See: “World’s consumption of chocolate is increasing,” Sunday, March 8)

Is there too much rain or not enough?

It is a shame that propaganda is spreading. Global warming is an unproven theory that is fueled by liberal governments to gain more control over our lives and generate another tax stream.

How are the sea levels in Miami? Al Gore said that by 2012 it would be under water.

We have not reached our normal highs since early February.

Maybe you ought to at least blame the chocolate shortage on “climate change.”

— Linda Lucas, Weatherford


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