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Reverse mortgages; Medal of Honor bill; Netanyahu visit; alternatives to war

, Israeli Prime Minister speaks before a joint meeting of Congress.
, Israeli Prime Minister speaks before a joint meeting of Congress. AP

Reverse mortgages

Your recent story, “The Debt Trap: Borrowers should make sure they understand reverse mortgages,” Feb. 20, told an emotional tale of one family’s experience with a reverse mortgage.

Unfortunately, this experience was used to paint a broadly negative picture of a product that many Americans are turning to for help financing their later years.

Reverse mortgages are a beneficial retirement financing tool for many Americans, including many Texans. In fact, according to the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, there have not been any enforcement actions involving reverse mortgages at all over the past six years. Furthermore, there are currently no open reverse mortgage complaints.

I hope the story will underscore the importance of family communication while exploring a reverse mortgage. In addition to HUD-required counseling before obtaining a reverse mortgage, potential borrowers should make sure that their family members are aware of their plans before moving forward.

The handling of an estate is inherently difficult. But using one family’s experience to anecdotally cast a negative light on reverse mortgages is a disservice to your readers.

— Peter Bell, President and CEO,

National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, Washington, D.C.

Medal of Honor bill

With regard to Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin, and others proposing a bill to award the Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, I cannot think of anything so foolish.

The MOH is awarded for valor on the battlefield.

If Kyle’s action rated consideration of the MOH, then the Navy would have taken the necessary action.

Having Silver Star awards is not a criteria for actions above and beyond the call of duty required for the MOH.

Thank goodness it is the MOH and not the “Congressional” Medal of Honor.

Otherwise, the politicians would really make a mockery of this, the highest award that can be given by our nation for conspicuous gallantry in the face of our country’s enemies.

— Robert Terry,

Fort Worth

Netanyahu visit

How unfortunate that Kevin Siers of the Charlotte Observer chooses to make Prime Minister Netanyahu a frowning, malevolent person in his cartoon! (Feb. 28)

Disregarding the reason that an invitation to address a joint session of Congress was extended and accepted — the prime minister has far more experience facing terrorism — Siers ignores why it is necessary for all parties in the United States to hear what he has to say.

Despite Siers’ attempt to make it so, the trip was not political.

Netanyahu traveled here because his tiny country is facing imminent destruction if the ill-conceived agreement between Iran and the U.S. (the other members of the P5+1 have gone home in disgust) is signed.

President Obama’s disdain for the prime minister and his country is blatant, but nevertheless Netanyahu did make sure that the White House had been informed of Speaker John Boehner’s invitation before he accepted it.

Netanyahu above all people knows that when people broadcast their desire to kill you, they always mean it.

— Frankie Schwartzwald,

Grand Prairie


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