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The pothole state; unborn rights

The pothole state

Texas roads without a doubt are a close second if not the worst in the nation.

I’ve traveled to third-world countries, as well as Israel and Australia, and I have been in most states in the U.S., but I have never seen such poor management of roads in all of my travels.

Instead of the “Great State of Texas,” this should be called the “Bad Roads and Potholes State.”

Fixing potholes is very lucrative for the companies fixing them, because they can keep coming back for more.

Texas starts numerous road improvements and then takes its sweet time completing anything.

When with visitors from other states I’m often asked, “When is this road going to be finished?”

I answer with the truth: three to five years, if that!

Texas is a huge state, but the freeways, highways and other roads stink!

I realize that most of the land is privately held, but whatever happened to eminent domain?

What is up with a huge state with mostly two-lane interstates in each direction, if even that?

Don’t patch the roads, refurbish and fix them to last for years to come.

— Charyle Minet, Fort Worth

Unborn rights

Cynthia M. Allen (March 5 column) is right that the child-yet-to-exist should be considered when terminating the life of a mother who is pregnant.

But she does not show that no consideration was given.

Rather, she states that only a “protracted and painful legal battle” allowed the family to end the life of the brain-dead Marlise Muñoz. Others wanted to continue life support until the fetus within her became a child.

Under House Bill 1901, if the mother is brain dead, “as long as the unborn child is maturing and developing, life-sustaining treatment may not be removed.” The hospital and the family would be forced to provide life support to a brain-dead mother until they obtained a court’s permission to remove it.

A breathing (inspired) human being has been the definition of human life since Genesis.

This bill would make the non-breathing fetus into a human individual.

Rep. Matt Krause seeks that outcome based upon his justification for the bill, “Our Constitution clearly states that no ‘person’ shall be deprived of life without due process of law.”

This bill should not pass. It is unneeded and wrong.

— Jimmy DeFoor, Benbrook

The unseen child in the womb is alive from the moment of conception; something the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade failed to recognize.

The Muñoz family believed Marlise Muñoz would not want to be on life support, so they went to court.

Yet, all can see that Marlise Muñoz wanted to bring her child to birth.

Just maybe Marlise would have gladly endured life support for the sake of the child she carried.

— Deborah Fleischmann, Fort Worth


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