Letters to the Editor

Stickland gun bill; legal battle continues; Chris Kyle’s killer

Stickland gun bill

Rep. Jonathan Stickland is back in the news bellowing about the hardship, the burden, even the infringement on his God-given right to open carry and conceal carry guns whenever and wherever he chooses in the state of Texas.

What would those infringements be, you ask?

A gun license and a tiny bit of training for that gun.

There are so many weighty issues facing our state and only 140 days to improve or fix any of them, and yet this is what Strickland choses to fight “tooth and nail” over.

— Cherry Langford,

North Richland Hills

Legal battle continues

The headline should read, “Iker group steals church property.” (See: “Iker’s group wins Episcopal Church property ruling,” Tuesday, March 3)

I hope and pray that loyal Episcopalians continue to fight this battle to recover the property that rightfully belongs to the Episcopal Church.

The fight is not over. There are many of us out here who believe that the so-called Bishop Iker, who has been deposed by the Episcopal Church, was wrong and he stacked the deck over a period of years to get the priests he wanted in position to take our diocese.

We shall overcome.

— Con Shuck, Granbury

Chris Kyle’s killer

I seriously believe that Eddie Ray Routh was not insane at the time that he killed in cold blood Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

Eddie Routh was more likely on drugs.

His killing the two men and taking the truck and I believe picking up a friend shows a cold-blooded killer.

So far, pictures of Routh show no remorse.

— Glenda Barrett,



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