Letters to the Editor

Praise for Granger; Ebola lawsuit; vaccination bill

Praise for Granger

Fort Worth is lucky to have Kay Granger as its U.S. representative.

On the other hand, I am stuck with Rep. Kenny “Follow The Crowd” Marchant.

While Granger voted to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security for the fiscal year, sensibly joining both Republicans and Democrats in a bipartisan effort (how novel), and helping avoid another PR disaster for the Republicans, Marchant remained entrenched in my-way-or-the-highway politics.

Tying DHS funding to Obama’s executive immigration enforcement policy (of which I strongly disapprove), was a lost and unnecessary cause from the start.

The president’s policy has already been challenged and blocked in a Texas federal court.

After watching Marchant’s congressional record for several years, I’m still looking for something that defines him as more than just a placeholder vote for the ultra-conservative.

Would Congresswoman Granger consider moving to Colleyville and running against Marchant in the next election?

We need an infusion of responsible representation and governance based on the nation’s many needs, not blind ideological obedience.

— William S. Taylor, Colleyville

Ebola lawsuit

I’m truly disappointed to hear nurse Nina Pham decided to sue Texas Health Resources.

I believe she and her attorney should have brought suit against the family and estate of Mr. Duncan.

It seemed like Texas Health Resources bent over backward to care for Nurse Pham and Bently.

— David Shawen, Arlington

Netanyahu speech

It is unprecedented for President Obama to attack the president of another country (Israel) that is such a faithful ally to the United States. And especially in such a public, vitriolic way.

I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

Our president intends to sell Israel down the river, changing U.S. policy from preventing Iran from getting nukes to announcing that it will be OK for them to have nukes — just at a later date.

But since Obama knows that Israel is widely popular in our nation, he wants this done as quietly as possible.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, justifiably concerned for the survival of his nation, made a case for Israel before Congress, preaching a message that Obama does not want heard.

In going before Congress, Bibi was just doing his job.

I thought part of our president’s job was to support our allies.

— Monica McMillen, Fort Worth

Vaccination bill

State Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, recently introduced legislation to amend the Texas Education Code in order to eliminate the “reasons of conscience” exemption to compulsory vaccinations for public school enrollees.

He is proposing that Texas offer only a religious exemption, and one that fits very limited criteria.

In order to qualify for this religious exemption, one would have to be a member of a state-recognized church or denomination which publicly opposes vaccination. However, in McCarthy v. Boozman, the U.S. District Court struck down such restrictions in Arkansas, deeming them in violation of the First and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Hundreds of concerned Texans have joined together in opposition to House Bill 2006, not only because it violates our rights to informed consent and refusal of any medical procedure for any reason we see fit, but also because it opens the door for governmental overreach.

This great state has a rich tradition of valuing an autonomous family unit and upholding personal liberties.

As Texans, we should recognize the danger in Villalba’s bill and stand together to make sure it doesn’t pass.

— Michelle Schneider, Leander


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