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Superintendent search; taxes and registrations; Keystone pipeline

Superintendent search

The Fort Worth school board, with its current superintendent debacle, is unfortunately reaping what all school boards in Texas have been sowing for years with the “lone finalist” system.

The intent of open-government laws in Texas was to have the names of all the finalists disclosed publicly.

For 21 days, the public would have an opportunity to vet them and provide input to trustees. Then the board would announce its choice.

Instead, school boards have been circumventing the public’s input in this process by naming a “lone finalist,” offering the excuse that if a superintendent’s board knew he or she had been looking for a job, it would make it tougher on them back home and the applicant pool would be diminished.

If school boards would put the public back in the loop, problems like Fort Worth is currently experiencing would be virtually eliminated.

That would follow the spirit of the law.

— Bob Buckel, Azle

Taxes and registrations

I hope that Ron Wright and his staff and the state agencies can correct the problems with the Texas Two-Step vehicle registration program before I need to renew my registration in September.

I have been waiting since last October for Wright’s staff and the Tarrant Appraisal District to get their computer systems to communicate, so that I can get a correct property tax bill instead of two duplicate incorrect ones (each over $1,000 too high).

I find it disturbing that there is so much attention to the two-step glitch but not a paragraph about the dysfunctional state of the property-tax system.

Many of the citizens who are affected by the property-tax overcharge are seniors who moved in 2013 and 2014.

I wonder how many tickets for an expired registration it would take to exceed $1,000?

I hope I do not find out the hard way.

— Arnold Benson, Keller

Keystone pipeline

I was amazed by Mark Reynolds’ delusional hypocrisy. (See: “After veto of Keystone, try providing jobs a better way,” Feb. 25)

A pipeline is the most efficient and safest way to transport oil. We have once again seen the hazards of rail transport even with improved tanker cars. Many arguments against Keystone were the same for Trans-Alaska pipeline and those were proven false.

A carbon tax is another pie in the sky. All carbon taxes generated at the source would be passed onto consumers and then he wants to “evenly distribute” the tax income to consumers? The pipeline has a smaller CO2 footprint than the many trains used now. Debate on climate change continues as studies vary. There is no energy producer that’s 100 percent clean and all have their drawbacks.

As far as jobs go, his figures do not take into account the types of jobs created. A part-timer is considered employed. The job figures fail to include jobs lost, those who have stopped looking, etc. All construction jobs are temporary in nature.

— Richard B. Lilly, Haltom City


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