Letters to the Editor

New president; not a water bill; gun training; stadium vote; Facebook influence; foreign influence

Donald Trump arrives for his presidential inauguration on Friday.
Donald Trump arrives for his presidential inauguration on Friday. AP

New president

Congratulations, President Trump — 25.5 percent of eligible voters chose you.

Please care kindly about the 74.5 percent who didn’t.

Blake K. Wallace, Arlington


Barack Obama’s legacy is Donald Trump.

Dale E. Peterson, Keller


Most folks were shocked when Trump won, but watch out. Paraphrasing a British observer, politics has been kicked on its backside.

People are sick of a career political class working hand-in-glove with big business and big banks in self-interest.

Politicians have completely lost touch with ordinary people, our hopes and aspirations.

It’s a phenomenon that happened in Great Britain, and that we’ve now seen in America.

We’ve had enough of people so hamstrung with political correctness that they won’t even discuss the issues most of us talk about every night at the dinner table. They got a serious kicking in 2016.

It’s time to lick our wounds and put on the big-boy pants. It’s time for meaningful jobs and growth to come back and, once that happens (and it will), we all will be feeling pretty good about things.

Patrick Jenkins, Arlington

Not a water bill

I would like to point out that your water bill includes fees for water, sewer, storm sewer, environmental, and solid waste collection.

For the average resident, if you use zero water in a given month but simply have it available if you were to turn on the faucet, your bill is about $35 to pay for all these services.

It is no more a "water" bill than your electricity bill is just a “light bill.” Those days are long gone.

If a Fort Worth street user fee is instituted, it will show up via the only monthly billing mechanism the city has — the water bill, which honestly should be renamed a city services bill.

That better characterizes what it is, user fee or not.

Daniel J. Haase, Fort Worth

Gun training

As a gun owner and holder of a Texas handgun license, I strongly urge our elected representatives to vote down House Bill 375 because it will allow the open- or concealed-carry of handguns with no training.

Currently, the training requirement for a handgun license is only five hours, an absurdly small amount of time.

Guns are very efficient killing tools. That’s why I don’t want untrained people with minimal skill or knowledge of the law let loose on society.

Mac Bernd, Arlington

Stadium vote

I read that our fine Arlington mayor, Jeff Williams, and his rich friends basically purchased the “yes” vote on a new stadium for the Texas Rangers. (“Vote Yes! raked in big bucks during week before stadium election,” Thursday)

I voted for Jeff the last time, but you can bet he will not get my vote again!

A.J. Armstrong, Arlington

Facebook influence

From the very beginning of the presidential campaign, I hid each political Facebook post.

Most of the posts seemed to be very mean-spirited and hateful. If a candidate or would-be candidate was named, I hid the post unread

The media have always always controlled the thoughts of most voters. The average watcher of television, listener of radio and, on rare occasion, reader of newspaper relies on the information seen, heard or read.

Now, the new medium is Facebook.

In my opinion, Facebook political diatribe had more effect on the outcome of our presidential race than Russia.

Ann Schrader, Arlington

Foreign influence

Those concerned with cyberattacks on the U.S. should consider that we bragged about sneaking malware into the Iranian nuclear program and setting the program back significantly.

Those concerned about foreign influence on our elections should consider we have deposed foreign leaders and installed our puppet leaders multiple times.

A real concern is the impact of fake news, domestic or foreign, and how to distinguish it. The impact of this element will be with us for a long time, I fear.

Tom Stroope, Bedford