Letters to the Editor

American dreams; guns and police; stay the execution; weather and the pipeline

American dreams

Terrific story on the Do family (Feb. 26).

It was the perfect example of what America is all about.

Regardless of where you start, if you apply yourself, take responsibility for your actions, are honest and hard working, success will follow.

The entire Do family chose to do the right thing, showing a tremendous amount of integrity on their part. They are an inspiration to others and should be recognized as such! Fortunately, there are many others just like the Do family.

On the other hand, it is shameful and disgraceful that we have a good percentage of our population that does the complete opposite — living off others, generational welfare and a complete disregard for doing it the right way. Maybe one day they will come around and become real citizens.

Keep on with what is positive about America!

— Ralph Hood, Denton

Guns and police

Again we read about police shooting an unarmed person, this time involving an officer from Grapevine!

I am alarmed, because I have had a change of opinion of police officers. I question whether they are the helpful, safe people of my childhood teaching.

Has the fact that many people now carry weapons caused a change in our police? An officer now has to be extremely aware that any motorist he stops might be armed.

Any criminal he stops will most likely be armed. That makes being a police officer a dangerous occupation.

I am of the opinion that the right-to-bear-arms and open-carry movements are changing our society to be more confrontational. A handgun has one purpose: to kill another human being.

I want to go back to the myth of my youth where I left my gun with the marshal and trusted him with my safety!

— Floyd Ganus, Fort Worth

Stay of execution

Thank you for publishing Bob Ray Sanders’ article about the planned execution of Rodney Reed.

We can hope the article will initiate actions for a new trial. It would be a tragedy to execute an innocent man.

If Reed is innocent, the person who murdered Stacey Stites is free to murder again.

That’s frightening!

Now that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has stayed the execution, I pray that Gov. Abbott will commute his sentence and that the courts will grant him a new trial to include all of the new evidence.

— Sister Mary Fulbright,

Fort Worth

Weather and the pipeline

Last week, solar panels were covered with snow. Wind generators were locked down with ice on their blades.

The only electricity flowing to heat our meals and houses is from that dreaded enemy of the planet: fossil fuel.

In a week that will see snowfall in every state on the continent, President Obama vetoes the Keystone XL pipeline, fitting for a goal of killing carbon as a source of energy.

The media ignores this.

Will Obama acknowledge that fossil fuels and nuclear generation have kept the juice flowing during this nationwide Armageddon of snow?

When pigs fly. Or when the Obamas leave Air Force One on the ramp and take a sailboat to their next vacation.

— Burt E. Ballentine,



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