Letters to the Editor

Liberty Bowl thanks; Roger Williams; transgender bill; Mac on racism

TCU receiver John Diarse, left, scrambles for a touchdown Dec. 30 at the Liberty Bowl.
TCU receiver John Diarse, left, scrambles for a touchdown Dec. 30 at the Liberty Bowl. AP

Liberty Bowl thanks

On behalf of all the members of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl Festival Association, the staff of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl and our community volunteers, we want to thank and congratulate Texas Christian University.

We enjoyed hosting the Horned Frogs, their wonderful fans and the Big 12 Conference at the 58th Annual AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

With the leadership of Chancellor Victor Boschini, Director of Athletics Chris Del Conte and Head Coach Gary Patterson, TCU has a bright future both on and off the football field. We were proud to host the entire TCU family.

The Horned Frogs and their fans demonstrated great class and enthusiasm during their stay at the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

The AutoZone Liberty Bowl has a long history and tradition of showcasing many of college football’s greatest teams, players and coaches over the past 58 years.

We are proud that the Outstanding Offensive Player Award recipient Kenny Hill, the Outstanding Defensive Player Award recipient Niko Small, Coach Patterson and the entire 2016 Horned Frogs team are now a part of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl’s rich legacy.

Steve Ehrhart, executive director, and Scott Barber, 2016 president, AutoZone Liberty Bowl Festival

Association, Memphis, Tenn.

Roger Williams

I was disappointed in the Dec. 23 article published headlined “Roger Williams works hard to serve his far-flung Texas congressional district.”

The Star-Telegram had a chance to get real answers from a congressman promising sweeping change, and as part of the political party controlling Congress and the White House he’s likely to get the opportunity.

Instead, the Star-Telegram opted for a watered-down puff piece extolling vague promises with little substance.

According to the article, the congressman vows to repeal Obamacare but is uninterested in a replacement.

Why would he not at least be asked his thoughts on how he intends to help the thousands of people in his district who would be left out to dry by such a repeal?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 18,000 people in Congressman Williams’ district have obtained health insurance since 2013.

Presumably they would all be interested in knowing if their health insurance is about to be yanked with no alternative in plan in place.

Working hard for his district, indeed.

Jonathon Blackburn,


Transgender bill

Why is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wasting the state’s time and money on crafting an unenforceable law to address an issue that will probably never occur?

Our legislators seem to think that transsexual men look like Uncle Miltie in drag and go to bathrooms to sneak a peek at unsuspecting women. In fact, transsexuals generally look, feel and act just like others of their identified gender.

Since this issue has already proven to be costly in other states, I can only think that Patrick and his ilk are using the state’s coffers to fund a hot-button issue that will have no other effect than to keep their own names in people’s minds.

Voters, please don’t fall for this ruse.

Cynthia Patterson,



Dan Patrick needs to pull his head out of the toilet and move on to more important issues, such as school finance, overhauling CPS and outlawing texting while driving, to name a few.

Kathryn Baker, Arlington

Mac on racism

Mac Engel’s Jan. 5 column claiming an undercurrent of racism relating to Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is a lame attempt to inject his politics once again.

This is a completely ginned-up narrative to create a controversy where none exists.

Racists come in all colors, and “Betty from Burleson,” the white woman who Mac claims inspired this column, live on the margins.

I see white people all over with Dak jerseys on, and I wear one myself.

Mac’s column is just self-serving and offensive. ESPN non-game ratings have tanked because of injected liberal moralizing by many of its hosts.

Kevin Mannion, Arlington