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On police and freedom; speed limits

On police and freedom

Professionals who specialize in behavioral intervention are taught to first gather information and then to defuse the situation to reduce possible aggression.

The Grapevine officer didn’t do this. (“Man asks police officer ‘Are you going to kill me?’” Feb. 27) This information affects the outcome.

They are also taught aggressive behavior leads to aggressive responses. Initiating the interaction by using foul language does not defuse a potentially dangerous situation, while saying, “Sir, do you know why I stopped you?” may.

Are officers given sufficient training on developing rapport with the public they are employed to serve to avoid similar future fatalities?

If so, why is someone who was gainfully employed for 10 years and caring for a wife and four young children dead?

Citizens can defend themselves if they fear their life is endangered. The officer in Ferguson, Mo., who killed an unarmed man felt his life was endangered, but did the Grapevine officer feel the same way?

If not, what is his defense and what needs to occur so officers are seen as good people who are here to protect us and not as someone to be feared and avoided?

— William G. Frey, Fort Worth

I am tired of our police officers being blamed for doing their jobs. They are being (under-)paid to face possible death every day.

Laws are made to protect all of us. If we break the law, we must suffer the consequences. Seems fair to me.

Those who are new to our country should be willing to learn and abide by the laws of our land.

If ordered to “stop” by a policeman, then by all means, stop and do not move.

The officer is in charge. If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear. If you are guilty, then face the consequences. Why is that difficult to understand?

This protection is part of our freedom.

Our servicemen and women fight and sometimes die for it. It is precious, and it works great for most of us.

If it does not work for you and you do not want to play by the rules, move to another country.

— Marjorie Grigsby, Weatherford

Speed limits

I drive the posted speed limit on Chisholm Trail Parkway while drivers fly by me, obviously speeding.

I’ve never seen anyone stopped there for speeding.

Does anyone really care if you speed on the parkway?

I’m feeling real dumb driving the limit.

— Sue Williams, Fort Worth


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