Letters to the Editor

Santa Claus; coyote fence; GOP control; affordable care

A coyote roams the north side of the Arlington Municipal Airport.
A coyote roams the north side of the Arlington Municipal Airport.

Santa Claus

Obviously, Pastor David H. Grisham does not know a little girl named Virginia — or history. ( “Santa-bashing preacher planning visit to DFW,” Dec. 14 Bud Kennedy column)

Nicholaos, bishop of Myra (born 270-280 CE; died 343 CE) was the patron saint of both Greece and Russia, and also patron and guardian of sailors, thieves and children.

“Saint Nicholas” spoken quickly in Dutch sounds like “Sinterclaus,” as he became known in New Amsterdam (now New York City). It became “Santa Claus” when it was adopted by the English.

Clement Moore, borrowing from earlier American authors including Washington Irving, slimmed Nick down to an elf — to rhyme with self — so he could write “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” (aka “The Night Before Christmas”). He changed the sled to a sleigh, then multiplied his sled puller to eight reindeer and named them.

So yes, pastor, there is a Santa Claus and his immortal spirit, in the service of the Christian example of sacrifice and giving, lives still and will go on living long after you and I and anyone reading this are long gone.

So with all due respect, reverend, put a sock in it. Preferably a Christmas stocking.

Paul R. Schattman,


Coyote fence

Arlington Airport wants to spend $1.2 million on a coyote fence?

I understand the feds will pay 90 percent, but surely we have more compelling needs than a $1.2 million fence that any competent coyote will dig under.

Of all the possible solutions (extermination, trapping and relocating, to name just two) this must be the most expensive option.

Coyotes will not stay where they are not welcome. Disrupt their habitat and the problem will be solved.

No rancher in history has spent $1.2 million or taken two years to get rid of coyotes.

This is just plain embarrassing

Mike Gaston, Fort Worth

GOP control

The Republicans now have the White House, both houses of Congress, a majority of governorships, a vast majority of state legislative houses, every statewide office in Texas, both houses of the Texas legislature and, very likely, soon a “Republican-friendly” U.S. Supreme Court.

For those of us who believe a strong two-party system is the best means to control abuse of power by our elected officials this is ominous, to say the least.

John Greene, Burleson

Trump appoints so many billionaires to the top posts in his government, you just know helping the working class is his top priority.

He knows how to fix whatever is wrong economically by creating a trade war with China and Mexico; by strong-arming businesses to return home, but promoting his own overseas empire; by conspiracy theories and fake news reports; and through revenge governing .

He’ll “make America great again” by consulting with Vladimir Putin and more American billionaires, ignoring U.S. intelligence specialists. After all, he’s a “smart person.”

Smarter than the director of national intelligence, the hundreds of CIA, DIA, NSA and other national security specialists.

And of course, Trump knows more about war and the Middle East than the U.S. generals and other military specialists.

We can sleep better now, knowing we’ll have a genius in the White House soon.

Tony Zurlo,


Affordable care

I had employer-provided health insurance for the first and last time in the corporate world of the 1990s.

When I chose to leave that path, my COBRA payments would have been $650 per month.

Newly self-employed, I decided that was not in the cards.

Every attempt to get affordable coverage was denied.

Then, at a self-pay doctor’s appointment, the doctor discovered something not right.

Luckily, the next year the Affordable Care Act was enacted, and with affordable insurance and a consistent doctor, I have been able to treat the issue and correct other potential health problems.

I almost forgot the uninsured person’s terror of lumps and sprains.

Now, our representatives are preparing to pull the rug out from under me and 25 million people like me.

Making the lives of working people more insecure does not promote the general welfare nor grow our economy.

It hobbles people’s dreams.

I implore my representatives: Do not repeal the Affordable Care Act!

It may need tweaks, but it saved my health without bankrupting my future.

Jennifer Schultes,

Fort Worth