Letters to the Editor

Postage for votes; Electoral College; foreign influence; high-speed rail; banning handouts

The Liberty Bell adorns a first-class “forever stamp.”
The Liberty Bell adorns a first-class “forever stamp.” AP

Postage for votes

U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey’s proposal for the government to pay postage for mail-in ballots is the ultimate nanny state the Democrats work to impose on the American people.

Stamps can be purchased from your carrier or post office and delivered to your mailbox.

When you strip a human being of their self-reliance, you also strip away their dignity, self-determination and freedom. Shame on you.

Jerry Wylie, Arlington

Electoral College

Our Founding Fathers were at odds on how to select a president who would further the cause of our new nation and not be influenced by a foreign nation, so they set up the Electoral Collage.

For 228 years it worked as they planned. In 2016 the Electoral College did what it was designed not to do.

Ron Markham, North Richland Hills

Foreign influence

Donald Trump, a candidate for president, asked the fascist leader of a major foreign power, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, to intercede and hack his opponent to benefit him. (“Trump aides on hacking: Does it matter?” Monday).

This was cause for concern.

Trump and Putin had already expressed admiration for each other.

And we learned of hacking by Russia of Trump’s opponent, to the benefit of Trump.

Then Trump, as president-elect, proposed as his secretary of state someone with close personal and business ties with Russia.

Yes, it is important that our free and fair election was hacked by a major foreign power, with the greatest possible detrimental results.

Yes, our 2016 election was/is tainted.

And yes, we must act against an illegitimate president when he claims a “landslide” victory.

Would he have won anyway? Probably not.

David Perkins,

Fort Worth

High-speed rail

This push for high-speed rail between Texas cities is getting out of hand.

The laws of eminent domain, which were written for the railroads of yesteryear, where the locomotives and cattle could co-exist, don’t fit a 200 mph railed missile.

The livestock on all of the farms and ranches being bisected by the rail would have to be fenced off. Imagine you own a farm or ranch and a portion is cut by the rail.

How would the livestock get from one side to the other?

The Legislature should deal with the problem.

High-speed rail between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston is certainly trendy, but unwieldy and dangerous.

Dwight Heard, Benbrook

Banning handouts

It is fitting at this time of year for local politicians to be debating whether to make it a crime to give a handout to a beggar.

As Scrooge would say; “Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?”

At least, no one here is suggesting taking blankets away from homeless people as was done in Denver in sub-freezing temperatures.

An effort to “decrease the surplus population” perhaps?

George Klecan,

White Settlement