Letters to the Editor

Alt-right speech, hate is not normal, homeless cluster, international students, electoral rules, flag burning, Trumpocracy

Protesters burn an American flag in Chicago.
Protesters burn an American flag in Chicago. AP

Alt-right speech

There was one statement in Thursday’s “alt-right” editorial that should be emblazoned across the top of Page 1A:

“There is no human progress, no civic survival, no societal gain in pitting race against race.”

Thanks for that.

Randall Thomson,

Fort Worth

Hate is not normal

Please do not hide the nastiness and evil of the white supremacists or nationalists with neutral names like “alt-right.”

Hatred should not be normalized.

Ruth Ryden, Arlington

Homeless cluster

As East Fort Worth residents wage a battle against panhandlers/vagrants/homeless people overwhelming the East Lancaster Avenue corridor, we read that a woman in the downtown area doing her duty to serve on a jury was assaulted.

Police say they are considering whether to ticket or file charges against a homeless man.

If no punishment is forthcoming, this gives individuals a license to commit this crime without fear.

This makes it even more imperative that our city government get serious about the problem.

The biggest mistake this city has ever made was clustering all of the different problems of homelessness in one area. We built it and they came.

It begs the question, “Who are we helping?”

With mobs of people sleeping on the sidewalks and vulnerable children seeing deplorable acts of open sex and drug dealing, how can we say we’re doing the right thing?

Fort Worth needs to back up, re-examine the cause and quit treating the symptoms.

Wanda Conlin, Fort Worth

UTA students

James Garrett would be wise to avoid stereotyping and belittling UT Arlington’s students, be they native-born Americans or international. ( “Arlington MAX Bus,” Letters, Thursday)

As a teacher at Trimble Tech High School, I am quite thankful for UTA’s efforts toward diversity.

By bringing in students of all races, ethnicities and nationalities — including several of my alumni who are proud Mavericks — UTA is helping all of its students have a well-rounded educational experience.

Those students who came from “India or Bangladesh or wherever” did so because they want a better life for themselves.

That’s courageous and admirable, and it’s also quite difficult.

The last thing they need is to be told to shut up and get over their struggles instead of trying to effect positive change.

Dallas has ambitious public transit plans.

Fort Worth is getting there.

It’s time for Arlington to get on board, and UTA is helping make that reality.

Good for Arlington.

Brian Wooddell,

Fort Worth

Electoral rules

Some Electoral College electors are abusing their authority.

They are required to vote for the candidate who won the election in accordance with the Electoral College rules in each state.

As electors, they do not have the authority to vote their personal preferences.

They exercised this privilege when they voted personally on Election Day.

Refusal to follow the electoral rules is no different than their using their personal opinions to vote more than once.

Jane Westfall, Mansfield


Free speech is a beautiful thing, even when it’s ugly like burning the American flag.

If I wanted to begin the process of chipping away at the First Amendment, limiting pesky journalistic investigations, making libel easier to prove and censoring satirical shows like Saturday Night Live, I’d start by making desecration of the flag illegal.

But President-elect Trump wouldn’t be thinking like that, right?

Blake Kevin Wallace,



There is an existing word to describe Trump’s selections for administration: kakistocracy — government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

Trumpocracy is easier to pronounce.

Ed Holloman,

Fort Worth