Letters to the Editor

Fee for taxes, Baylor racism, CPS social workers, Electoral College

New York State electoral college members cast votes at the state capital in Albany, N.Y. in 1940.
New York State electoral college members cast votes at the state capital in Albany, N.Y. in 1940. AP

Fee for taxes

In a Wednesday letter, Pat Adkins complained about being charged a fee when paying Tarrant County taxes by credit card. Credit card companies do not provide their services for free, and it is the merchant accepting a card who pays.

Were the county to act as merchant when a credit card is used to pay taxes, other Tarrant County taxpayers would have to absorb the cost.

There is no fee if you pay by debit card, nor is there one if you pay by check or cash.

I don't like to use my debit card online. I decided to avoid any credit card fees by sending my payment in by check — in the pre-addressed envelope they provided.

Gay Merton, Arlington

Baylor racism

I read with dismay about the Baylor student who was subjected to racism walking to class and blamed it on Trump voters. (“Baylor supports student who reported racist taunt,” Wednesday)

Natasha Nkhama’s quote: “So, if you voted for Donald Trump, I hope you understand what that means, from someone else’s point of view.”

I voted for Trump and I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I do not share Nkhama’s view and find it very narrow-minded and stereotypical.

In fact, it really lumps her in with all the other racists and bigots walking around espousing hatred because they just simply do not understand.

Voting for Trump doesn’t make you into anything. Racists are racists no matter how they vote.

Mike Sugg, Aledo

CPS social workers

As a social worker who worked for Child Protective Services for a year after graduating with a master’s degree, I found I was not doing social work there because I was too busy putting out fires. ( “Make Child Protective Services a better place for social workers,” Wednesday)

As I put out one client’s fire, four more were being lit in my 50-plus caseload. It was impossible to see each child as required, and the stress continued to grow.

I did learn case management and crisis intervention skills at CPS, which served me well in the rest of my 22-year career as a licensed clinical social worker. Perhaps having newly graduated social workers work for at least a year at CPS after graduation would be one way to get them into the CPS experience.

Susan B. Avery, Fort Worth

Electoral College

Corbin Douthitt (Wednesday letter) says that abolishing the Electoral College will only benefit Democrats.

Forty percent of Americans identify as independents. What about the independents who voted for Clinton? A popular vote decision would have benefitted them.

Douthitt states the Electoral College protects representation. Clinton won almost 800,000 more votes than Trump. Where is our representation?

The American people chose to be represented by the Democrats in the White House.

The Electoral College denies representation. Why does a vote in Wyoming count more than mine?

Eugene Chandler,