Letters to the Editor

Electoral College, fly flag again?, informed public, Granger time’s up

U.S. Rep. Kay Granger highlights literacy Nov. 10 by reading to a kindergarten class at Lena Pope’s Chapel Hill Academy public charter school.
U.S. Rep. Kay Granger highlights literacy Nov. 10 by reading to a kindergarten class at Lena Pope’s Chapel Hill Academy public charter school. jlmarshall@star-telegram.com

Electoral College

In writing that without the Electoral College our leaders would be determined by large urban areas, people are really saying that a vote should only count if you live in a certain area.

Those in favor of maintaining the Electoral College fear that an “urban" population will likely vote Democrat, so their vote shouldn’t count equally.

Alexander Hamilton devised this system in the late 18th century when only white male landowners could vote.

Population was dispersed, uneducated, had limited access to news, and traveling to polling sites was difficult. Better to have some educated men choose the president.

None of this is valid now.

Electoral votes are allocated unfairly. If California had the same ratio of electors to population as Wyoming, California would have close to 200 electoral votes instead of the 55 it has today.

It appalls me that so many people in our country are openly expressing such bias and racism, largely inspired over the past 18 months by the rhetoric of our next president.

Every vote should have equal value regardless where the voter lives.

Margaret Billard, Bedford

Fly flag again?

We lived in Odessa 31 years. The last several years we were there, we had a next-door neighbor who had a tall flagpole with an American flag.

They had a spotlight shining on the flag, and I enjoyed looking at it since I usually went to work before sunup and came home after dark.

One time I looked but did not see the flag. It was gone several days.

Thinking it might have been damaged or stolen, I offered to give them my flag. I had had it ever since my father died. It was placed on his casket, since he was a WWI veteran.

The neighbors told me that their flag was taken down when Bill Clinton and his bunch went to Washington.

It stayed down until George W. Bush was elected, and then the flag went back up.

We moved here just before Barack Obama was elected, and I suppose the flag has been down the last eight years.

I figure that the flag has gone back up.

I suppose we can all go back to being super-patriots again.

Curt Chatham, Keller

Informed public

One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected is the lack of reporting.

There are extremely serious aspects of a Trump assuming the presidency. It is therefore extremely important that the press keeps the public informed.

Larry Robert Heath,


Granger time’s up

A story in Friday’s newspaper (“Granger says she’s ready to work with Trump”) had this quote from U.S. Rep. Kay Granger: “We need to spend a lot more time going out and listening to people.”

Granger is a slow learner.

Her non-support for our Republican candidate for president did not keep Tarrant County from being a victory for him, but it did tell us something about Granger.

Politicians, when elected, should come with an expiration date — term limits. Granger’s limit would be expired.

Ann Kutach, Fort Worth


With the Trump win in Tarrant County and her lack of support for him, Kay Granger has firmly solidified herself as not being representative of the constituency she was elected to represent.

Unless she significantly modifies herself, it’s time she must go.

Carol Guarnieri,

Fort Worth