Letters to the Editor

Electoral College, normal behavior, peaceful transition, fee on taxes, support symphony

President-elect Donald Trump won office by taking the electoral vote, while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.
President-elect Donald Trump won office by taking the electoral vote, while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. TNS

Electoral College

The Electoral College is in place to ensure that the less populous states have representation in electing a president. It works just fine.

The only people to benefit from a popular vote election would be the Democrats. More of them turn out every election than do GOP voters (there’s a message there).

Look at a national map of voting by county. The left coast is blue; the middle of California is red. The northeast is blue.

In the rest of the country, the major cities are blue (Houston, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, etc.), all run by Democrats.

If you want your country controlled by Democrats voting in large cities, popular vote is your nirvana. If you want representation, then leave the Electoral College as it is.

Corbin Douthitt, Hurst

Normal behavior

It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that we are careful not to normalize that which is truly aberrant behavior.

I learned this 40 years ago when, as a young man in my mid-20s, I finished my undergraduate degree in Bavaria as part of a student overseas study program. I met a woman in the tiny town of Marktschellenberg just north of Berchtesgaden.

The pension where I stayed was once an SS barracks, and she and I began to speak of the building’s history. She touched only briefly on the role the SS played as Hitler’s bodyguard, then quickly disavowed any affiliation with the Nazi Party.

She was not a Nazi, she told me, but she did vote for Hitler.

“He was really not a bad man,” she assured me. “He had some good ideas.”

T. E. Turpin, Bedford

Peaceful transition

I agree with President Obama, who reminded us after election night that America has always stood for the peaceful transition of power.

Although I do not support the issues or the ideology of the new administration as stated during the campaign, I am trying to see what will actually transpire.

Please know all of your local representatives, watch the way they vote, write frequent letters to make your voice heard and vote in each and every election.

These officials are working for us! Please remind them of this and don’t give up standing for what you believe is right!

Karen Grissom, Fort Worth

A fee on taxes

What an unpleasant surprise it is to find out our Tarrant County tax assessor levies a hefty charge — very hefty — when you pay your home taxes using a credit card. It is ridiculous!

You would think that Ron Wright would negotiate a better system than this and be happy that the full year of taxes is being paid up-front.

Maybe our new president will look out for seniors better than what is happening now. I sure hope so.

Pat Adkins, Fort Worth

Support symphony

What is going on in Fort Worth, Arlington and Tarrant County? We are willing to pay big time for a new baseball stadium, but we cannot support the arts and especially the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

I hope the billionaire recipients and the millionaire advocates of the new stadium are willing to sponsor the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra with major funding.

Jane Childers, Arlington