Letters to the Editor

Election protests, no Trump rally, under-educated voters, Electoral College, failed stars

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, center, appears with artists Beyonce, left, and Jay Z, right, Nov. 4.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, center, appears with artists Beyonce, left, and Jay Z, right, Nov. 4. AP

Election protests

The right to peacefully protest is a right afforded us by our citizenship in this great country.

As a child of the ’60s, I remember the protests of that time as driven by truly important issues of the day, such as civil rights and the Vietnam War.

The difference between then and now is this current spate of protests is largely driven by mythical issues perpetuated by social media. These young folks have been stripped of having anything substantive to believe in, and they are hungry for the validation that brings.

All these kids are doing is nothing more than further dividing us based on nothing but a whole bevy of incendiary misinformation.

A collective bunch of rebels without a cause.

Jeanette C. Robertson,

Fort Worth

No Trump rally

Hillary Clinton said what she had to say, and President Obama said what he had to say.

But please, no one else suggest to me that I or any other self-respecting Democrat or Independent needs to “come together” or “rally behind” Donald Trump for “the good of the country.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

For “the good of the country,” we need to try to make sure he doesn’t succeed. And if we need models for how to do that, we need look no further than the Republican Party.

Did they rally behind Bill Clinton? That’s sort of laughable, since an entire Republican enterprise was built up around destroying him.

And then there’s Barack Obama, of whom Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell famously said, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Democrats now need to follow McConnell’s lead, because nothing could be more important than getting rid of Donald Trump as soon as possible.

Chris Bell, former

Democratic nominee for governor, Houston

Under-educated voters

Harvard-educated Wendy Davis claims that the majority of the people who voted for Trump are undereducated. (“Wendy Davis: Trump benefited from ‘undereducated voters,’ ” Friday)

I wrote in Ted Cruz, so I must be as dumb as a rock.

She’s thinking about running for the U.S. Senate against Ted Cruz in 2018. If she does, I hope enuf stoopid peepul will give her the edjakashun she failed to get at Harvard.

You don’t win voters by insulting them.

Mark Stewart, Crowley

Electoral College

When our founding fathers — wealthy, educated white men — decided to create a democracy inside the republic, they feared giving the vote to the less educated, lower class white men. So they created the Electoral College as a “check” on their vote.

Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Papers No. 58 explained that the Electoral College was to preserve the “sense of the People” but to ensure that the “best man to be President of the United States” was chosen.

So I am casting my vote with the men and women chosen by each state to serve in the Electoral College. They truly hold the future of our nation in the vote they will cast on Dec. 19. Will they be statesmen or politicians?

Will they vote for a man who does not even understand the basic tenets of the First Amendment and has ties to our nation’s arch-enemy, Russia, or vote for the person chosen by the majority of voters, who will protect the rights of all citizens and keep Russia in check?

To our Texas electors, please put our nation before your party.

Kris McIntosh,

Edgecliff Village

Failed stars

It must be a real bummer, and a big blow to your ego, to be a pop or Hollywood star (Cher, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Barbra Steisand, etc.), or a minor-league reality-TV star/failed basketball owner (Mark Cuban), or even a past Democratic candidate for Texas governor (Wendy Davis) and realize that the people don’t really care what you think.

The people can think for themselves and make their own decisions. Big league!

Jim Dunaway, Fort Worth