Letters to the Editor

Ballpark money, women voters, Trump speaks

Fans gather in Arlington Oct. 9 for the Dallas Cowboys game against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT&T Stadium.
Fans gather in Arlington Oct. 9 for the Dallas Cowboys game against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT&T Stadium.

Ballpark money

Somebody is spending a great deal of money to convince you the new ballpark is a fabulous move for Arlington.

Then again, it wasn’t that long ago that some of these same arguments were made regarding the current AT&T Stadium. As a resident of Arlington, what have you gained?

The plea is that it won’t cost the taxpayer anything. That is simply not true because, if for no other reason, it’s financed by a sales tax, albeit a small one.

Let’s not ignore a rampant “uprising” in America against higher taxes, government meddling, as well as a nation controlled and manipulated by the wealthy and for the wealthy.

We’re asked, once again, to endure, and to support, a sports venue that is historically on the debit side of sound public investment.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend this money to benefit Arlington? What has Arlington gained from these sports venues?

Greg Bly,


The Vote Yes! Keep the Texas Rangers group refuses to have a forum where both sides of the proposal for a new Rangers ballpark are represented. Are they afraid that their arguments cannot stand up to cross-examination?

David Plazak, Arlington

Women voters

The 2016 presidential election has shown more than ever the importance of the feminist vote. While some consider both major candidates inadequate, women must move beyond the political divide and encourage others to do the same.

In Tarrant County and across the U.S., women and girls comprise approximately 51 percent of the population. How threatening this must be for those who hold decision-making authority yet have neglected advancements for women, such as closing the wage gap, especially for women of color.

It is imperative we get to the polls and vote while advocating for legislative changes across cultural and ethnic divides.

After all, women and girls around the world are watching.

More than ever, the time has come to unite as a country. On Nov. 8, let us exercise our right to vote as true exemplars of the free world.

D. Deidre Humphrey, American Association of University Women,

Tarrant County

Trump speaks

Obviously, Donald Trump is neither a rehearsed politician nor the golden-haired child of the establishment.

Trump is not schooled in the art of being a political wordsmith, one who measures his words carefully so as not to offend any particular group of people and/or to allow, in the future, plausible deniability or obscurity.

He is plain-spoken, and people understand his message.

Being plain-spoken can and has worked against him on several occasions. Whether from a refined orator or a vulgar speaker, it is common knowledge that “talk is cheap.”

The governing establishment is both Democrat and Republican. It should not be a surprise that establishment Republicans have publicly proclaimed either support for Hillary Clinton or non-support for Trump.

Antonio Lopez, Fort Worth


Donald Trump says he wouldn’t want to be in foxhole with a “lot of these people,” referring to Republicans like John McCain and Paul Ryan.

I would ask all the ladies, would you want to be in a foxhole with Donald Trump?

Herman I. Morris, Plano