Letters to the Editor

San Mateo church, driver tests, GOP extremists, not deplorable

San Mateo Mission parishioners protest on Sept. 10 outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Fort Worth. The mission will close in November.
San Mateo Mission parishioners protest on Sept. 10 outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Fort Worth. The mission will close in November. Special to the Star-Telegram

San Mateo church

I am not a Roman Catholic, but I find the closing of the San Mateo church by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth “to save money” to be appalling.

What a crock of bull that is!

And what a bunch of bullies the hierarchy of the diocese is. They want to save money?

San Mateo is small, but it is burning with fervor to serve Jesus.

Where does the Bible support this type of action? As I recall, it says “as you do this to the least of my brethren, you do it unto me.”

May God have mercy on you for your greed. You are forcing out those who have a great heart for the Lord.

You’ll pay the price for this action.

Monica McMillen,

Fort Worth

Driver tests

In regard to the “What an unfortunate lesson to teach” editorial on Oct. 5 about correct traffic-stop etiquette:

Several years ago, I was shocked to learn that the state driving test no longer includes an actual driving test. That is, with the person administering the test in the front seat with the applicant driving.

Since then, I’m only “shocked, shocked,” as the police chief played by Claude Rains said upon hearing that gambling was going on in Rick’s gin joint in the movie Casablanca.

It appears the state did not want to pay troopers for administering tests.

What else has been abandoned to make shortcuts so that politicians can shift the use of money and/or get paid by special interests?

Jane Knight,


GOP extremists

Now we know Donald Trump is a sexual predator in addition to his other unethical, questionable or illegal business dealings.

Yet I’m hearing from Republicans who will vote for him no matter what.

Well, so much for the church party and its deeply held principles, core values and “family values.”

Many or most Republican extremists are just a bunch of hypocrites who only want power so they can take “moral high ground” and become moral-hygiene busybodies who punish anyone who doesn’t meet their approval.

That would be Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, women, the poor, Democrats, liberals, anti-war folks and more.

Good conservatives, these Republicans.

And we want them telling us how to live our lives?

Felicia Martin,

Fort Worth

Not deplorable

I am truly enlightened to find out that I am a “lamentable, bad and wretched” person (Webster’s definition of deplorable).

Clearly, I do appreciate the fact that it took an honest and trustworthy person like Hillary Clinton to call it to my attention.

Angela Benvenuto,