Letters to the Editor

Stockyards parking; too many tolls; rent-a-ballpark; symphony strike; rigged system

Looking east on Exchange Avenue in the Fort Worth Stockyards
Looking east on Exchange Avenue in the Fort Worth Stockyards Special to the Star-Telegram

Stockyards parking

My husband I and recently went to the Stockyards area to eat Sunday brunch at a favorite restaurant.

Normally we can find street parking, but this particular rainy day, there was none within a couple blocks parking distance. So we headed further down East Exchange Avenue.

Imagine our shock when the last of the free parking was no longer free. There was one vehicle parked. Is this part of the Stockyards “revitalization”?

We noticed a lot more vehicles parked up the hill near the Swift/Armour buildings. Will you be charging for parking there soon? Or adding parking meters on the streets?

We quit going to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History off Montgomery Street when parking was no longer free.

Any extra way to gain a buck from the public.

Give us a break.

Pat Utterback,


Too many tolls

The proliferation of toll roads, express lanes, etc., should be an embarrassment to anyone involved in Texas road planning over the past 20 years.

I’ve seen the population increase exponentially, the number of cars using gas (hence generating gas taxes) jump through the roof, and most of the new roads charge a toll to go 5-10 mph during every weekday rush hour.

If everyone hadn’t been asleep at the wheel (pun intended), earlier transportation tax allocations and maybe even a higher gasoline tax could have gone a long way to having highway infrastructure keep pace rather than dismally falling behind the explosive growth.

Ralph Ryman, Arlington


A recent news story indicated that polls are showing favor for building a new air-conditioned ballpark for the Rangers.

I really like the ballpark we have and enjoy games in a traditional stadium.

I suggest that during the hottest months of July and August the Rangers lease AT&T Stadium, since it is the off-season for Cowboys football.

It would save the city and the taxpayers a lot of money, and we could still enjoy the ballpark the rest of baseball season.

Kent Hopkins, Euless


I looked at the special election ballot for the ballpark tax and noted a problem with its format.

No choice is shown below the English-language version of the issue. The selection of “For” or “Against” is below the Spanish-language statement to the right of the English language statement.

I fear this will confuse voters intending to act on the English-language statement. The English-language choices should be shown under the English-language statement.

Accident, or a clever bias device?

Jerome R. Pikulinski,


Symphony strike

I’ve read about the disturbing trend of a dismissal of science, the arts and humanities. It saddens me greatly that our Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra may disappear just as this trend is becoming more pervasive.

I do not understand all of the complexities of the conflict between musicians and management. What I do understand is that our city will be considerably poorer without their musical contributions.

At a time when greed drives decisions, when young people look to Hollywood and the Kardashians for mindless escape, when we are experiencing unprecedented divisiveness, vitriolic rhetoric and violence, we need symphony orchestras to remind us that we humans are endowed with dignity and intelligence and the capacity to make our world a better place.

That is what I believe excellent orchestras and the music they provide offer us. Please do not let this treasure disappear in Fort Worth.

Beverly Tye, Arlington

Rigged system

Donald Trump keeps saying the system is rigged but never offers specific proof.

He finally did: The rich don’t pay taxes.

Blake Kevin Wallace,