Prime Prep Academy has a sad final chapter

The long saga of Prime Prep Academy and its Dallas and Fort Worth charter school campuses came to a sad close on Friday when a state-appointed board of managers voted to close the schools immediately.

Prime Prep received a state charter in 2011 and opened in August 2012.

It was a target for attention and controversy from the beginning, mainly because it was co-founded by former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders and emphasized athletics.

The failure of the school had nothing to do with Sanders’ famous name or with sports. It was due to financial mismanagement; last week, the schools could not even meet their payroll.

Texas Education Agency officials must determine where the money went and how. Any wrongdoing must be prosecuted.

If charter schools in Texas are to fulfill their promise, bad actors must be weeded out. Unfortunately, students, parents and teachers suffer when that happens.

While charter schools must have freedom to innovate, the state must provide enough oversight to avoid disasters.