High-speed rail bandwagon?

It has to be a good thing that the company that operates the high-speed rail network in France is scoping out ideas for bullet trains in Texas.

The more viewpoints on this plan, the better the results would be.

Another company, Texas Central Railway, with ties to Japan’s JR Central Railway, has been working for several months on plans for a high-speed rail line between Houston and Dallas.

Now SNCF, France’s state-owned railway, and its SNCF America unit have sent representatives to a meeting of the Texas high-speed rail commission.

It’s evidence that investors other than those with the Japanese group don’t want to let a Texas opportunity slip past them.

SNCF operates the Eurostar train service between Great Britain and France, as well as trains in France and Monaco.

Texas Central might spend $10 billion to build the Houston-Dallas line. SNCF might also serve Arlington, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio.

Is competition brewing? Maybe.