Another high-stakes test?

State Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, almost always has his heart in the right place, but sometimes his proposals come up short.

In his HB 829, which he filed for the legislative session that began almost two weeks ago, Zedler would make all Texas high school students pass a civics test before they can graduate.

He worries that students don’t know enough about the Constitution, the three branches of government and events of U.S. history.

We’re with him there. Kids should learn this stuff.

Zedler wants students to answer the same questions the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service asks of immigrants in citizenship tests.

Sounds OK, but …

Hard-fought legislation two years ago succeeded in sharply reducing the number of tests required for graduation. Do we want to add another test now?

And the standardized tests given to Texas students are carefully designed and go through expensive trials to make sure they’re fair and properly scored. Do we ditch that process and pluck a test off the federal shelf?

Zedler should focus on something else.