Ag commissioner should stop playing the fool


Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. AP

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has been in and around state government since 2001, when he took office as a Stephenville state representative. He knows what elected officials can and can’t do.

So he must be trying to pull the wool over our eyes — or he’s doing his best imitation of a devil-may-care, voters-be-damned Texas political fool.

Texas Tribune co-founder Ross Ramsey referred to Miller as “Yosemite Sid.” The image fits.

The latest news about Miller, published this past weekend by the Houston Chronicle, is that in February 2015 he spent nearly $2,000 of state taxpayer and political campaign donor money to fly to Mississippi and stay two nights while he competed in rodeo roping competitions.

He later repaid the state, but the fact that he used a state credit card for his airfare in the first place was just plain wrong.

That same month, Miller used state money for a personal trip to Oklahoma, which he also later repaid.

As the cartoon character Yosemite Sam said, “When I say ‘whoa,’ I mean WHOA!”