Willow Park seeks to remedy ‘terrible neglect’


In the no-such-thing-as-a-free-lunch category comes this report from Weatherford Democrat reporter Maggie Fraser:

In 63 years, Willow Park has grown to 5,000 residents. Now booming growth in western Tarrant and eastern Parker counties might send the city hurtling toward the 15,000 residents expected at buildout.

Many people in Willow Park have wanted to keep taxes low, so the city has refrained from spending a lot on infrastructure.

“But it’s a pay me now or pay me later kind of deal,” says Mayor Richard Neverdousky. “And the time of reckoning has come.”

Willow Park is planning a bond election that could pay for things like a new wastewater treatment plant, sewer and water lines, storm drainage, street repairs and a new public safety building.

“My concern for the city is that there has been such terrible neglect,” says bond committee member Marcy Galle. “And it’s been allowed to go on for so long.”

There really is no such thing as a free lunch.