Holiday stress at the airport and the TCU game


Most of the people at DFW Airport during the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel period will be in line ahead of you.
Most of the people at DFW Airport during the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel period will be in line ahead of you. Star-Telegram

What’s that you say? You’re planning to fly out of DFW Airport to visit friends or relatives for Thanksgiving and you haven’t left yet?

Or you’re planning to go to the big TCU-Baylor football game Friday night at Amon G. Carter Stadium and you don’t know about the new security rules?

And you don’t know forecasters say there’s a 100 percent chance of rain Friday and Saturday?

Clearly, you’re the type who has nerves of steel.

And if you’re not, you might as well relax, because that’s what it’s going to take to get you through the weekend.

At DFW, you’ll be among about 1.89 million of your closest friends. That’s how many people the big airport expects to fly through between Nov. 20 and next Tuesday. Most of them get there the same time you do.

And you thought you were going to find a parking space.

The airport says most of its parking lots are still open — except for some areas at Terminal A and Terminal B. And, of course, that construction nightmare at Terminal E.

If your flight is at Terminal E, watch the overhead signs carefully and look out for the construction cones.

Try two things: The airport’s newly updated mobile app, available for both Apple and Android devices, offers parking help. And, of course, valet parking is very easy, even if it costs $25 a day.

Or you could take a cab, rideshare or beg a ride from a true friend.

Regardless, the airport folks know this is a trying time for travelers. Volunteer employee Holiday Helpers will be available to provide assistance in the terminals.

They say get there two hours before the flight, but you, nerves of steel, know how to handle that.

As for the TCU game, those new security rules are going to be pretty tight, similar to those at NFL games.

No backpacks or diaper bags. Carry what you want in a clear plastic bag no larger than 14 inches square. One unopened bottle of water. Small clutch handbags.

Check out the details on the TCU website.

Like the airport, TCU says you should get to the stadium well before the 6:30 p.m. kickoff, because there’s likely to be a lot of confusion at the gates.

Also, there is that 100 percent chance of rain. Good luck, nerves of steel.