Covering Blue Bell’s relaunch

“We take you live to our NewsCopter and an overhead shot of the …” ice cream truck?

Blue Bell Creameries restarted production earlier this year at its plant in Sylacauga, Ala. It built up inventory for several weeks, and it built up a lot of interest, too. All of its plants shut down in April after Blue Bell was linked to 10 cases of listeria.

Finally, on Monday, Blue Bell reintroduced its ice cream in several markets, including Central Texas, and you’d think live overnight coverage was invented just for this. Gov. Greg Abbott had his picture taken in his office with seven cartons of Blue Bell and a spoon in each hand.

Blue Bell has also restarted its plant in Broken Arrow, Okla., but not yet the one in Brenham.

Fort Worth investor Sid Bass loaned Blue Bell $125 million and got the right to own one-third of the company. Guess all the excitement is testimony to his business sense.