Cut the paperwork for kids

No matter your view of birthright citizenship, Texas officials must acknowledge that it is currently the law.

That is not happening in the Rio Grande Valley, where American-born children in three counties have been unable to get copies of their birth certificates because their parents can only show travel identification documents from Guatemala, Honduras or Mexico.

The government of Mexico has now filed its own brief in a lawsuit by 30 families against the Texas Department of State Health Services, which instructed local registrars to check parents’ identification closely and not to accept foreign passports or travel cards.

In the brief, Mexico officials said Texas’ refusal to accept parents’ documents introduces a “troublesome and discordant” element into international relations.

The children’s lawyers are asking Texas to specify two types of ID that are “reasonably and actually accessible” to parents living in the U.S.

Texas officials must figure a way to responsibly serve all American- and Texas-born children.