Hamilton, your time is up

Alexander Hamilton has been on the $10 bill 85 years.

That’s a good run.

Now a woman should replace him by 2020, or at least that’s Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s plan for a redesigned $10 bill.

Hamilton fans need not feel slighted.

Hamilton replaced President Andrew Jackson on the $10 bill, and previous $10 bills in the 20th century alone featured several men, and also a bison.

Critics have said the $10 bill is the least-used of all denominations and that adding a woman to it is not much of an honor.

But Lew has said the bill is simply the next up for a redesign.

If former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, abolitionist Harriet Tubman or another hero of American history is chosen, that will immediately increase the popularity and usage of the $10.

Women have been honored on American currency and coins before, but not many: Susan B. Anthony, former first lady Martha Washington and the American Indian guide Sacagawea.

No matter which cash bill is chosen, the change is long overdue.