Making gun signs a big deal

Texas lawmakers talk about how they side with small businesses.

Except when it comes to guns.

Instead of protecting the small business owner’s property rights to choose whether to allow patrons to carry open- or concealed-carry handguns or long guns — or any combination — the Legislature made it tougher on private property owners and easier on handgun licensees.

The new law legalizing licensed open carry of handguns also requires property owners restricting guns to post warning signs 37 words long, printed 1 inch high in both English and Spanish.

That’s right: A 74-word sign just to say, “No guns.”

How many shopkeepers want a giant warning sign at the front door?

Then, even if the premises has a legal sign, the penalty for some violations has been reduced to a Class C misdemeanor — essentially, a ticket.

It’s understandable that gun licensees want to know quickly and clearly whether they can wear a concealed or openly holstered handgun into a business.

But a big pictogram of a gun with a red circle and a slash through it should have been plenty of notice.