Think safety on local lakes

City of Grapevine

Finally, the lakes are full.

But no telling what’s under the surface.

For now, our lakes are floating junk piles, full of limbs, debris and trash.

What’s more, the high water hides picnic tables, road signs and even buildings inundated by the wettest month in our history.

Grapevine officials have mapped 1,100 underwater hazards in Lake Grapevine alone and posted the map online so boaters can see what lies ahead and below.

As lakes reopen, remember that familiar landmarks may be hidden and coves or inlets that look safe may hide danger.

At Eagle Mountain Lake, Tarrant Regional Water District authorities warn boaters that the lake is still high and boaters may encounter both structures underwater and floating tree limbs or other debris on the surface.

Lake Worth, a calmer lake, also reopened, but city officials warn that the high water hides not only tree stumps but also some boat docks.

With all the unseen hazards, it is more important than ever to follow basic boating safety rules: no drinking (or texting!) while driving the boat, and make sure everyone wears a life jacket.