Border security needs clarity

We’ll call it a good thing that Texas is bolstering security along the Texas-Mexico border.

After all, the Lone Star State has long been vulnerable to illegal border crossings, some of which Gov. Greg Abbott says contribute to dangerous gang-related crime across the state.

House Bill 11, which Abbott signed into law on Tuesday, will add about $310 million to the state’s already massive border security effort. The law will accelerate hiring of 250 additional state police, provide more training and technology and improve tools available to prosecute human and drug smuggling.

Abbott declared border security a legislative emergency, and lawmakers were quick to act on a bill that satisfies many in the Republican Party base.

But some members raised valid questions about how Texas should measure the success of this effort. More bluntly, what exactly is the definition of border security?

Those questions remain unanswered.

Before the state spends more millions on what may be a worthwhile effort, Texans deserve a clear understanding of what policymakers intend to accomplish with all those taxpayer dollars.