Election day for Fort Worth, Arlington, region: Your vote, our recommendations

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Several candidates for president of the United States — one of them from Vermont — have actually weighed in on today’s election here.

The question now is, will you?

A week after holding his own rally in downtown Fort Worth April 25, Bernie Sanders endorsed Deborah Peoples for mayor. Today, Julián Castro is set to speak at a rally and go door to door with Peoples.

If presidential hopefuls from out of town think that much of our local election, shouldn’t we?

The thing is, historically, we have not — with turnout in similar Fort Worth races in the anemic single digits, registering as some of the lowest in the nation.

It’s up to you to change that, and to care at least as much about who leads your city as visitors from Vermont and San Antonio do.

Today’s election will go a long way toward shaping a city and region that is growing by the day. In Fort Worth, voters will be selecting a mayor and city council representatives, as well as a pivotal four members of the Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education.

In Arlington voters will be selecting a mayor and council members. Various other municipal elections are on the ballot as well. And in much of Fort Worth and six suburbs, voters will cast ballots for one or two of five candidates for the powerful Tarrant Regional Water District, with the top two vote-getters winning.

These are the leaders who will decide the most pressing issues of the day, not to mention the matters that will impact you and your family the most.

We urge you to vote today.

We’ve done two things to help you.

First, we put together a voter guide to today’s Fort Worth and Arlington elections, which can be found at the top of our website, star-telegram.com.

In addition, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial Board interviewed each of the candidates for Fort Worth and Arlington mayor; Fort Worth city council; Fort Worth ISD school board; and Tarrant Regional Water District board. Our recommendations in each race, which can also be found on our website, are as follows:

Fort Worth Mayor

Betsy Price

Fort Worth City Council

District 3: Brian Byrd

District 4: Cary Moon

District 5: Gyna Bivens

District 6: Daryl Davis II

District 7: Dennis Shingleton

District 8: Chris Nettles

Fort Worth ISD Board

District 2: Chad McCarty

District 3: Quinton “Q” Phillips

District 5: Carin “C.J.” Evans

District 6: Lisa Saucedo

Arlington Mayor

Jeff Williams

Tarrant Regional Water District

Marty Leonard

C.B. Team