Wise action on Texas water

The ongoing fight over Texas water came to the Capitol floor again Sunday.

After some quick thinking, the House reversed an amendment that would have given East Texas the power to deny water to the rest of the state.

Current rains notwithstanding, Texas usually needs water, and East Texas has it. Cities build lakes and sign contracts to pipe water from east of Dallas, and a new lake north of Mount Pleasant remains on the drawing board.

As floods distracted lawmakers, Longview Republican David Simpson amended Senate Bill 1101, a bill on groundwater, to prohibit other Texas regions from tapping water in East Texas without permission of a regional board there.

In the Longview News-Journal, Simpson referred to efforts bluntly as the rest of Texas “taking our water.”

East Texans are blessed with a great natural resource, but it is no more that region’s property than the mineral wealth on public lands in West Texas.