For state Senate: Powell a better choice for Fort Worth, Arlington

Beverly Powell of Fort Worth has led an area school board and the Texas Wesleyan University board of trustees.

First as a real estate agent and developer, then as an education leader, the Democratic nominee has deep roots in Fort Worth and state Senate District 10.

Current State Sen. Konni Burton, a Colleyville Republican, prides herself on being an independent voice for conservative voters. She has done honorable work to help reform the criminal justice system to better protect Texans’ liberty.

But her $500,000 in campaign contributions from a West Texas-led conservative group show she is anything but independent.

Burton is far too independent from leaders and needs in Fort Worth and Arlington. She does not work as closely as our state senator should with business and government leaders.

What’s more, she opposes routine state and local economic development measures and tax incentives that bring needed jobs, development, growth and success.

Beverly Powell’s record is flawed. In the 2000s, her business partnerships suffered liens and debts, and she was sued along with one partnership in a 2006 tax dispute.

She should have explained that clearly, openly and up front. She must become a leader for openness and transparency.

But Powell’s life of leadership in the area and at Texas Wesleyan still make her the best senator to speak for Fort Worth and Arlington.

The Star-Telegram Editorial Board endorses Beverly Powell for State Senator, District 10.