Finally, the video is shown

Rubén García Villalpando definitely had his hands up.

But he also kept walking toward Grapevine police officer Robert Clark, and at some point beyond range of his dash-cam video, Clark made the split-second decision to shoot.

In short, that is what we now see on an edited Grapevine video of the Feb. 20 police shooting in Euless.

A Tarrant County grand jury reviewed the unedited, hour-plus version of the video, interviewed 13 witnesses and examined evidence gathered by Euless police.

In the end, grand jurors declined to indict Clark in the shooting. Apparently, a majority of grand jurors concluded that Clark might reasonably fear for his safety if García came much closer.

The dash-cam shows a confused García not responding at first, then taking slow, halting steps toward the officer along busy Texas 121. It’s not easy to tell what he’s doing or what he might do, and that uncertainty also may have left the grand jury uncertain.

Grand jurors deserve thanks for their loyal service and painstaking attention in a frustrating case full of anguish for all involved.