Lots of water, but also work

These are joyous days at the Tarrant Regional Water District — for good reason.

Rainfall has filled the North Texas regional lakes built and managed by the district to provide a reliable water supply for Fort Worth and suburbs.

Before the rains, voters Saturday rewarded two incumbent directors, Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, with new terms.

It would be easy for the five directors to be complacent about both their own security and the security of the Fort Worth area’s future water supply. That would be a mistake.

Although Lane and Leonard were re-elected by two-thirds of voters Saturday over candidates supported by a wealthy and resourceful opponent, the campaign renewed concerns about the board’s lack of responsiveness to the public and closed-shop decision-making.

Directors should choose a different presiding officer and make a fresh start with constituents as the board plans toward the next disastrous Texas drought.

Let the celebration be short.